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Well this is why I am here on this site really.
I have come to the realisation over the years that I am odd, a bit different. My mother tells me that I used to love to ***** off when I was young. I was always running about the house and garden naked. I can't really remember this too much, I suppose it was perfectly natural for me so I just did it without thinking. 
My first really strong memories are from when I was a young teen. My mother used to work part time and I can remember benign in her house over the summer holidays and waiting for her to leave for work. I would then remove all my clothes and spend the day naked about the house and sometimes in the garden. I worked out where I could walk without the neighbours seeing. The feeling of air on my naked skin made me feel alive and sexual.
As I got older boys came on the scene. Eventually I enjoyed being naked with them as well! More than that I felt a need to be naked when they were dressed. It is strange and I can't quite explain it. If I had a shower I wouldn't bother getting dressed and just relax with them clothed and me naked. Or not get dressed in the morning at cook breakfast nude. Often it turned into something else! I loved the other times as well, here I could just ***** off and be naked with my man. There was something very exiting about me being naked and them clothed, a sort of power thing, that I found made my body tingle. 
I went through a spell of being a nudist but I never really felt it was me. I preferred more intimate nudity with the other person dressed. I used to love posing naked for them if they took pictures of me as well, that was always good fun. 
The most thrilling thing for me one occasion at Christmas. I was at a friends house with a mix male of male and female friends. We were playing dare games and drinking. If we lost at that hand of cards then we had to do a dare. As the evening went on they became more and more risky. Then I lost and somebody dared me to run across the road to the other side and back to the house topless. I agreed and stood at the from door and ******** off down to my knickers and shoes. I made an attempt at a hand bra. Everyone was looking at me and I got exited and bold. I kicked off my shoes and then pulled my panties down and pulled them off. People was laughing and cheering as I opened the door and ran across the road and back again. When I got back in the house I was cold but did not get dressed. I stayed naked for about fifteen minutes and joked about it, saying I could get used to being like this. Eventually I felt that some people were uncomfortable with me being naked so I put my clothes back on. Still the thrill of being the only one naked was amazing. 
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Neat story!

Neat story!

Being around a naked female all day is a perfect day in my book.

I really like this story,I had a female friend that also enjoyed being naked while I stayed in my clothes.Those were fun days.Thank you for your story.

awesome story very well written

Where have you been? Marry me!

Hmmm - I thought we just did. Flowers?