Naked In The Woods

I finished work early one day and decided to go to a favourite place of mine. It is a little woodland area at the base of a big hill. The woodland is fairly tricky to walk through as it has lots of twists and turns in it. Essentially it takes a long time for someone to get there. When I got to the middle of the woods. I sat for a minute under some branches. I took my shoes and socks off. I then took my tshirt off. I stood up and walked around a bit. I undid my trouser zip and took my trousers and underwear off. I put my clothes in one pile. I carefully walked around the immediate area. The sun was shining and the heat on my body was great. From where I was standing I could see a great distance around me. I wasn't sure how I would feel if someone else came along or saw me. I felt really be naked. I sat on the ground and the cool leaves sent shivers up and down my body. I lay there looking up at the sky. After about twenty minutes I got up and got dressed again. It was a lovely afternoon and I have been back to the same spot several times since. can't beat it.
nehall nehall
May 15, 2012