First Time Naked In Public

Hello Everyone,

I am a male nudist and have been one since my 20s. I first visited a Nudist Association out in the Berkshires when I was 23. Had called for weekend reservations and stayed in the main house. I was very nervous while signing in, all the people that I was were nude and I was still fully clothed. I then proceed to check my belongings in the main house and undress and put on sun glasses and sun screen. I put on a hat and and sneakers and picked up a beach towel for the pool. I was nervous about getting an erection. The first female women that I came in contact with stared completely down at me and my genitals. I said hello to her and she quickly said to me
if I wanted to play volleyball. Of course I said yes. All the way to the volleyball court all she did was stare at the lower region. I told her
that I was not good at volleyball, but she stated that she was not either. I was truly surprised that an erection did not appear. I felt that
she was waiting for it. We played volleyball with a large group of people and I was beginning to be at ease. Afterwards we went over to
the Shuffleboard area. She asked me if I was any good at it. I said no. After 3 games we headed over to the pool for a dip. After refreshing in the pool we went to lay down on the lawn with our towels. After a few minutes she looked over an saw that I had an
erection. She stated that it sometimes happens for beginners and not be self conscience about it, because it was very natural when
a man and women meet. She told me to turn over on my back until the erection subsided. She stated not to worry about and that she
would have a solution for it later on. Later on she stated to me if I wanted to become smooth. She stated that nudist males were beginning to shave their genitals. We went down to the pool and took a dip and then proceeded over to her cottage. Her friends were there and she introduced me to them. She told me to lay down on a lounge chair while she picked up a razor and put a new blade in it and started to spread shaving cream all over my pubic hair. Then with the assistance of her four friends and herself they began to relieve me of my pubic hair, all the while my penis is getting larger and larger. When they finished the area was rinsed off and the women proceeded to rub their hands all over my hairless region and began to ********** me. In a short while white *** exploded and my female companion began to suck up all of the ***. I thanked the women for such a terrific experience. They said to come back when the hair grows back. The women told me not to be subconscious of being bald. I later found out that a good portion of the men
were also bald and the women were also.

I proceeded to visit the Association on many occasions. I remain bald even. It feels very normal and most of the men are too.
I visit Sandy Terraces on Cape Cod and enjoy it very much. Being nude with other nudists is very relaxing. Everyone should enjoy it.
Nothing to hide.


James J.
football02364 football02364
61-65, M
May 16, 2012