Missing The Feeling

I recently moved from the country to the city. In the country I could roam my property naked, suntan and swim naked, work in the yard.
Since moving to the city, I must at least wear shorts when practicing those activities. I really miss the freedom of being clothes free. I still sneak out occasionally but must be discrete. I am looking for fencing so I can get back to feeling the freedom I so miss. I am naked now but inside and it is just not the same.
Breathon Breathon
61-65, M
2 Responses May 17, 2012

well I do but there are consequences.. I painted the ceiling and sanded the floor. stepped outside to dump the wood dust in my back garden. Neighbour called the police and I was charged with exposure.<br />
Eventually thrown out by the magistrate but if the police and the crown prosecution service lawyers can wrongly interpret the clear legislation, which is intended for malicious flashers, then it is also possible for a magistrate to convict and put me on the sex offenders register without cause. Cost, apart from grief and damaged relations, and the odd guilt I now feel was £4500 in lawyers fees<br />
UK Belfast

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