Usually Naked When I'm Alone At Home.

I've had a long infatuation with being naked, starting when I was very young. My family used to go to town for groceries and I'd stay home. As soon as they hit the road, I'd be ******** and doing normal things around the house. Later, when I was a young teen, I'd go out to the forest, a patch of cedars with lots of open ground between them, and I'd run around there naked too. This was in the late fifties, early sixties, by the way.
Later on, I've started to do the same thing again. Maybe I've reverted back or maybe I'm having a second childhood. I love to swim in my pool naked, clean the house naked and exercise naked. Just now I was using my Kinect and Fitness Evolved naked. It felt great. As time goes by, I'm getting into much better shape.
There are other points to his but being naked doesn't have to involve sex. I do lots of stuff on my webcam but that's another issue. Being naked and being seen naked are two different things, at least in my psyche.
str88 str88
56-60, M
May 18, 2012