My Long History Of Strutting The Buff

Ever since my wee years (I'm talking 5 years old) I've always had a secret obsession with nudity. I always felt rebellious when I was naked and kept it to myself a lot.
My earliest memories of being naked was with a particular friend in first grade (age 7). He and I met on the school bus and he lived down the street in my neighborhood. I couldn't tell you how it started, but eventually we'd play games in his basement that involved being naked or getting naked. I remember many occasions where we'd both go in the coat closet, turn out the lights, disrobe entirely, then turn on the lights and giggle at our nudity. Great, great fun. He had a little sister and we knew if we got caught we'd be in trouble, but any time we were privately in his room or the basement, off came the clothes.
Nothing really happened until after fifth grade (age 10). It was that age that I really got curious. I did some research on being naked outdoors, which appealed to me greatly. It was at this age that I began sleeping naked and walking around naked when home alone.
It was seventh grade (age 12) that I came across the idea of skinny-dipping. There is a creek surrounded by woods that was on the edge of a neighboring subdivision. Some friends and I played there once. One day, I went to the creek by myself. I began shyly wading and thought about plunging in, but I never did. A week or so later, I worked up the courage to go back. I eventually got myself in the water wearing just gym shorts and briefs. I eventually took off the shorts. It felt like a lifetime when I finally built up the courage and finally slipped off the briefs. I fell in love immediately. That rushing joy to just sit there in the water, outdoors, totally nude was an overwhelming feeling that I never wanted to end. However, I eventually got nervous and redressed and left.
Later that summer, I returned to the creek with more courage. That time, I removed all my clothes on the shore, in plain sight. I took a dip, and eventually just hung my clothes from a tree and walked around the creek completely comfortable naked. Part of the creek went under a road that was always busy; I knew some cars could see me if they looked down, but I didn't care. I just walked around that creek open and exposed.
The following years led to many occasions of me walking around my yard in the buff at night, even to the point of walking down the moonlit street and soaking up the wind. After I began driving, I sometimes couldn't help myself but take off my clothes whenever I drove at night or on a highway. The daredevil in me couldn't keep me clothed.
I had always very briefly hinted at the idea of nudity to my friends, but never got a discussion going. But finally, in tenth grade (age 16), I had my first experience with friends. The older boys in my youth group at church decided to play a great game of capture the flag in huge wooded area with a creek at night. We played for hours that night. It was around 11pm when one guy who lived near there showed us this swing he build over the stream. Since I was in the mood, I took off my shoes and shirt and went for the dip while the others simply watched. Eventually my shorts got too heavy, so I took them off and swam just in boxers. Bit by bit some of the guys started leaving because they were tired. I eventually convinced three of the other guys to join in. They all went down to their boxers and dipped in with me. By this point everyone except those swimming had left. It was dark and we all enjoyed it. I eventually took the leap and shed my boxers and threw them on shore. The other guys didn't think I would (even though in my mind I'd wanted to all night). After some convincing from me, one by one the guys took off their boxers. I had waited for the moment for a long time; to be naked with some friends.
It was well past midnight and we figured we should head home. It was about a 20-minute walk back to my car. We finally all walked onto shore, nude. No big deal, really. The other guys just put on their shorts commando and carried their wet boxers. But I insisted on walked back buck naked. No shoes or anything. We had to walk through many tall weeds and rocky areas. I toughened up and did the whole walk nude. We even had to walk down a subdivision street; I did it naked. It was almost completely normal; we were just walking and talking, except I was naked. I drove home naked, too. I had to drive the other three home. Didn't bother dressing at all. I even got home so late, I didn't bother dressing to go inside; I was totally nude from when I took off the boxers in the creek with the guys, all the way home and into the night. It was one of the funnest nights of my life. And the other guys now know how much I thoroughly enjoy being naked.
My history from there goes on and on, but these occasions remind me why I'm a closet nudist.
IdRatherBeNaked IdRatherBeNaked
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That's a great story and I applaud you.

Wow what an awesome night for you. I love when others join in nudity. Awesome that you got others to join in. Obviously they wanted to also. I think it was great you drove hot naked too. can't wait to hear of your next adventures.