I Loove It

i feel so free when i have absolutely no clothes on....sometime when i get out the shower, i run to my room and do a spread eagle on my bed and lay there for a good 20 min. massaging my boobs and thinking of everything and nothing. ;-)
jai300 jai300 22-25, F 9 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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You just gave me a wonderful image in my mind. Thank you.

Mmmm, that sounds so nice, I'll rub your boobs for you as we cuddle, my knee between your legs and my hardness against your ***

Good for you girl.

But now you've discovered and enjoyed this experience, don't you wonder if it may be possible to spend more time undressed, in other situations?

Not in a sexual way, but for the sheer thrill of it, that lovely feeling of freedom that comes from not being restricted by whatever society demands you wear?

sounds relaxing

It is truly a great feeling being nude .

Thank you, I love it too. When I'm at home I'm almost always nude. It's exciting to touch oneself while naked.

simply LOVED this post l<br />
<br />
my imagination is running<br />
wild thinking of the <br />
SPREAD EAGLE state of you...........

It is a wonderful feeling of freedom. Well, I wouldn't know about the boobs, other than by observation or touch, but the rest is universal.