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There was a time when I could walk around nude whenever I wanted, indoors and outdoors. I miss living the naked life. While living on 50 acres of pagan land I stayed nude for the whole summer, except for those occasions when I needed to make a run to the store and such. My children loved it too. 


My oldest daughter and I would lay naked next to each other in the grass and look at the stars, naming the constellations. With no street lights, on a cloudless night, you can see every star in the sky there. Those of you who are not nudists, may not understand this, but this was nothing sexual. Nudity is natural and my children knew this at that time. They were not taught to have shame.


Living that lifestyle felt so carefree. My children were never bored playing, using their imagination and climbing trees. At that time, they could care less about video games or TV. Out of choice, we did not have either of those there. Yet they were never bored.


I loved going on midnight walks through the trails on the land, nude, and allowing the moon to light my way. It was serene and peaceful, almost as if being one with mother earth.


Of course due to life’s circumstances, I couldn’t live that life permanently. When I became a single mother again, I needed to be closer to civilization in order to get a decent job to support my children and I had made the decision to go to college as well.


Though, I no longer live that lifestyle, I take liberties when I can. When it’s safe to do so with nobody to get offended around, I let my nudist self come out to play.  Just recently, while on a camping trip with my husband’s side of the family and my mother, after everyone was asleep, I made sure to go for a skinny dip. The water on my naked body was a bit cold, but when I got use to it, It was awesome.




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I wish I had a home out in the country with no neighbors for miles. I live the nudist lifestyle with my wife and two stepchildren, but we are only nude within the confines of our house, privacy-fenced yard, and nude beach (and more often than not, the car ride in between.)

There is a nudist resort a few miles from me and I do go out there from time to time just to spend a day or two naked, I don't get to do it enough any more.

Where does one find 50 acres of pagan land? I am lucky to visit a nude resort weekly during the warm months. I am looking forward to being able to spend an entire summer there. My longest has been a three day weekend - it was wonderful.

where? I went 10 miles out of town and bought 20 acres. That's enough for my needs. If you have more cash you can buy 50 acres. Once its yours you can make it pagan land. No problem. I've been out mowing the lawn naked this morning.

The nude resorts find a bunch of people to help pay for their land.

To me, an important part of nudity is doing it with others. Do you have a problem with stuff spraying from the lawn mower hitting your naked body?

totally a heaven!!!<br />
nothing is more blissful!!!<br />
<br />
lying nude on grass, feeling cool breeze at night on every part of the body and feeling warmness in sun all over the body, in daylight , no constraints and clothing and boundaries, absolute freedom, <br />
<br />
feeling the cold water everywhere on the naked body, under the moon is so magical, <br />
<br />
and its all about being proud and comfortable with our body in its natural form, embracing the nature.<br />
<br />

Oh, you are making me long for the nudity I enjoyed when I was in college.

I spend quite a lot of time naked during the summer, except working. Midnight skinny dipping is very nice here because it's still 80's and 90's here at midnight.

Well written. Applause.

Pagan land is the best. Blessed Be.

Nice post, affinity .... pure and unencumbered freedom ....