My Story And My Freedom

My family wasn't nude untill I took a vacation to Germany to see my cousins. Aperrently they bought the house not nowing it was in a nudist nudist comunnety, but lucky for them they began to shed thier threads like eveyone else. We spent the majority of the two weeks at the pool and in the water, naked. I was shy at first but within minutes I had my panties down and enjoyed the freedom. My older brother, who was 15 at the time, got an erection wich I have mocked him for so many times.
when we got home we were back in our clothes. Months later I came home from school and found my mother doing the dishes naked. My little sister was in the play room naked too. I asked what was going on. She had decided to live in the nude, she told me she she had hated the last couple of months and said that she felt confined. Within a week I had joined up with the rest of the girls of the house.
My dad was naked but not often, and even rarer was my brother being naked, I guess you can't have a big bad Marine running around base in the nude. Plus he got tiff alot. Ha Conner now everyone knows!
To those who are free,good luck and live long! :)
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A nice story, and very
well expressed! :)

Fellow nudist and Marine, I went nude all the time at the barracks and on the beach on base whenever I could. Loved the rush of almost being caught. Friend me.

Great story. I must visit Germany.


We're kind of a mixed family. I grew up in a very prudish family, but I somehow discovered the freedom and pleasure of being nude when i was a just a wee lad. I have taken off my clothes in about as many places as you could think of when no one was around . My wife isn't keen about it, and wouldn't allow us to raise our kids in the nude lifestyle. However, my youngest daughter 17 seems to be working up her courage to try it. I hope she discovers how freeing it can be.

I grew up with just my mom. She is not a nudist. I hated clothes from the start, she fought with me to keep clothes on as a little toddler, but I won and she finally gave up. I never wore clothes at home ,but quickly learned that it is just not tolerated out in the world. I conform to the textile world , but only when absolutly necessary, then I wear as little as possible . I love my freedom, and am glad that you found it too!

beautiful family experience!!!

Wow - i wish i could get my family to join a comunity like yours.

I wish i could be naked all the time, but my step sister lives with us and she is a prude from hell.

I'm glad you kept it up after you came back.. Good for you.