I Dare Myself

I've been nude all day but didn't venture past my patio but now that it's dark I decide to dare myself to go down to my mailbox naked. My box is at the end of a long drive and is lined by trees so that I'll be protected from exposure until I reach the mail box AND the street. I get to the box and open it, pull out the day's mail and stand there breathing in the damp summer night air. I want so much to continue walking down the street past Ed and Linda's all the way to Rob's place....but I don't. I love being in the all together, I love the gentle breeze on my breasts my legs my buttocks. My friend Betty showed me how lovely it is to shave that special place, so now I can feel the breezes gently kiss my most secret center. And I feel so alive...
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that's a lovely thing to share - thanks

Being nude outdoors is so natural, it's how we were designed to be I think, thanks for posting

It's been awefully cold lately. Have you still been naked for long periods?

Only indoors

Warm weather on the horizon. Get ready to test your boundaries!

Awesome ....enjoy your freedom and the kiss of fresh air on the special places

Fantastic, I did that when I was a kid. It was wonderful.

Oh Emily,

you make going to the mailbox an erotic adventure! I can imagine those breezes gently kissing my bare ***** and I'm loving it! Thanks for sharing this one!


Your secret is out, Emily. I started shaving down yonder about eleven years ago and discovered the feel of the breezes, how sweat travels when you work out and how much cleaner I felt with all if those short and curlies no longer there.

<p>You go girl! I've been getting my mail naked all summer. Its a joy to dare crossing the road to the mail box and then standing there naked on the street reading who its from. I just wish our road had more traffic. </P>

The only way to retrieve your mail. Stay naked!

Yes to all that

When I first moved to the house I live in I often went for the mail in the buff; later in the evening, unfortunately now the traffic volume on my road has increased to the point that I have to be pretty cautious even after midnight. I do love nude hiking in the woods even during the daylight hours, and of course nude beaches and swimming holes!

Yes it can jack

Years ago I had a girlfriend that liked to hike a camp naked, we would spend a weekend naked in the mountains. Nature can be great fun.

Thanks john I think I will try doing that...

Thanks luvr I'm not ready to post just yet...

Emily,<br />
<br />
You live in a wooded area, apparently without a lot of traffic. You're on a first name basis with your neighbors. The only people who report nudism in your circumstances are usually older women or women with kids who are, let's say, conservative. <br />
<br />
Life is short, Emily, and it's meant to be filled with experiences, with the feeling of being really alive. I suggest that you conceal a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the bushes or against the back side of a tree trunk on the other side of Ed and Linda's house around dusk. Then, after it's gotten fairly late and it's unlikely that people are looking out their windows into the dark, take a naked walk to retrieve them. Once you've walked that far you can decide whether to pick them up and put them on, or pick them up and keep walking naked, or keep walking naked and come back for them later.<br />
<br />
You'll be very glad you did, I promise.<br />
<br />

Thanks Dave & Nytro I may get even braver....

There's nothing else like that feeling... Feeling the air (or water if you're swimming) on every part of your body. That urge to continue walking is something I know very well. It feels so right and natural that it's hard to resist it. If it wasn't so prohibited, I know that by now I would've kept walking as far and for as long as I was able to go on foot.

That would be lovely Dickie...I need the encouragement

MMMMM I love dares. You are going well. If I see you nude in a lane I'll give yoy three toots of appreciation.

Thank you for appreciating it, I tried to capture how I feel in those moments...

Maybe sometime you will...

I would love that

mmmmmmmm would love to see you naked. I agree it is so nice to be smooth in your special spot. I love being smooth. The gentle touch is hightened when i am smooth and the feel ofthe wind is so nice.