I Confessed To My Wife That I Believe I Am Bisexual.

Last Saturday night I was on my computer, naked, admiring nudity on the internet as I do sometimes when I heard a sound. I turned around and standing on the other side of my book case was my wife with her top off rubbing her nipples. She stared at me a second and said "I am caught, I been sneaking up on you and watching you play with yourself for about a year now. I enjoy watching you get turned on, playing, and last but not least getting off." I was shocked but felt great for a second or so because she went on......"I have watched you do everything including lick up your own juice off your hand after your get off. I was bothered a little with a gross thing because I refuse to do that to you. What really got to me was about 3 months ago you were ************ watching men, naked men having sex. I saw you *** all over your own chest and lick it, I was mad, sick to my stomach. Remember I had no sex with you about 8 weeks but I stilled watched you. I also took notice when we were in Walmart you had erection looking at this one gentleman with red-hair I know you get hard on with women but with men. Can you explain?"
I was dumb founded for a second then words came from no where "You know I love being naked, ************, and sex with women but I am very curious, I fantasize being naked with a man and touching him and YES having oral sex with him." There was a pause she wrapped her robe around herself walked away. I did not know what to do, sat back down in my chair rubbing my nipples and stroking myself with a feeling of relief. I heard her coming back she walked in complete naked walked over kissed me and said " I do not understand but if you must I do not ever want to know ever so you better be safe. The man you decide or find will be lucky for oral on me is the best I ever had."
g3742054 g3742054
51-55, M
Sep 13, 2012