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As a teenager i really turned-on to "The Woman Who Rode Away" - the story of an english woman in Mexico, who slowly throws of the shackles of English inhibitions about her body etc etc. Descriptions of her sunbathing nude, in the desert with her baby child, and both turning rosy, tanned and healthy in the sun, struck me as a wonderful freedom. Unfortunately, in the end, she loses her life. But what she was riding away from, were the confines and conventions of english life and DHL did himself. It was a liberation for me, tho the seeds were probably planted at home, in childhood, by my dad, who was a yogi and was often in the nude but in a very wholesome, natural way.
i love being naked in the warmth of the sun but especially in the rain...not many opportunities however. But have taken advantage all my life, when possible. My dad admired *the body beautiful" do i....if only i had taken more care of it !!! BUT i have always had a good relationship with my body - it is a beautiful thing.
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Thanx Dan. Lucky you in New Mexico...Taos. DHL a real hero of mine - i bought the unabridged 1963 Lady C., right after the trial...i was 15. Then Ken Russell's film "Women in Love"...but i'll always remember DHL's description of the houses in the Midlands = Scabs on the English countryside !
Current promiscuity in society would not have been his vision/dream.
Ah..i'm rambling...

<p>Good story.<br />
<p>Lawrence was a man who rejected much of the conventional English stuffiness and wrote more about real freedom from what he saw as an imprisoning culture.</P><br />
I have spent a couple days at the D H Lawrence ranch in New Mexico. It now belongs to the University of New Mexico and is preserved as something of a D H Lawrence museum. <br />