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Since society won't let me walk around town in the nude, I have to do the next best thing. On nice warm days like this, I enjoy walking down to the city park wearing my favorite floral-print sundress with nothing on underneath. The dress is really pretty, but it doesn't leave much to the imagination so my little boobs and butt bounce around on full display. I'm over 40 but I take good care of my body and I love it when complete strangers turn their heads when I walk by. The best feeling is when the warm autumn breeze blows through my dress and the sun shines on my shoulders.
     The last time I was down there, a young couple sat down to eat lunch on the bench across from mine. I pretended to keep reading my book, but I was actually checking them out behind my sunglasses. The girl was a pretty little thing, but acting kind of bossy towards the guy. He was about half my age, and to the obvious irritation of the girl, he was checking me out a little too. So I uncrossed my legs to give him a nice view of my lady-parts (I am all-natural down there). It was so cute how he tried not to look. He kept taking glances, then quickly looking back down at his food. Then I noticed the girl had stopped eating and was staring up my dress with her mouth open in disbelief. She immediately grabbed the poor guy and dragged him to another bench down the path where she started fussing at him. I assume it was about me. After a while the guy had to walk back by me to throw his bag away. I smiled at him and opened my legs again. He stood there and had a good long look, probably just to ****-off his girlfriend and it sure seemed to work.
     I never understood why it's so wrong to look at others when in public with your spouse. It's not like he was cheating on her. I actually liked it when my ex boyfriend used to do it, I got to see what kind of tastes he liked. I think bodies are beautiful and meant to be looked at and admired.
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Love the story. Would have loved to have been that guy. Pls add me.

I love it when girls wear sun dresses and nothing else! ;-)

It is so sexy


Love it !

Great Story and I like being naked too and I love it when women are not afraid to be naked---I live in Europe and there are many opportunities to be naked. I go to the sauna once a week and it is impolite to wear clothes in the sauna and the suanas are mixed men and women---and in the summer there are always many men and women lieing naked in the sun--legs apart to ge the sun---also nude beaches.

It appears to me that a sexy sight is like a magnet. Men and womin cant help it.

A wise partner will appreciate her/his other being turned on, the benefits can be very pleasurable. You're doing a great public service my friend. Keep up the good work !

I agree with you, and like I said, I do love your style. Thanks for sharing.

fair play

poor guy though!

My GF and I also enjoy being nude, and rarely wear clothing at home. We also like to go to "lifestyle" parties, where we can be nude around others, both friends and strangers. We hope to start attending nudist resorts, to exercise that particular freedom more. And we also tend to wear minimal underwear... though my GF has very large breasts, so tends to wear a bra just to keep them under reasonable control, lol!

I love your attitude and generous spirit.

Thank you for telling this. I have a thing about seeing "lady-parts" (licking them too) so your story really turns me on.

I totally agree with your position on nudity! Male or female, it does not matter, we are a work or art. I like to be textile for two reasons. 1. So as not to offend others. 2. For personal protection, as in cold weather. At the nudist resort where I am a member, the other members are just so open and honest and friendly, and why not because inappropriate behavior is quickly dealt with by an escort to the front gate. That makes it a very safe environment to just be who we are.

Sure. Nothing wrong in admiring Body. Enjoy body freedom forever :) I Luv to be nude always

I like being naked too. I like it when people look at my pale skin and tell me how white I look. Do you like pale men? Write me and tell me if you do,

wish you were where I could see you I would try to find a way to show off for you too

the enjoyment of seeing a flasher makes my day

I just love to see others nude and believe that there is no harm in showing what you have. If others don't like it then don't look

I have been reading your stories and find them facinating and very sexy! I adore small breasts and I enjoy writers who are happy and cmfortable with their bodies.

Your story reminds me of something that took place her in maine a few years ago. Two girls were arrested for jogging naked down the street i think in bangor, When brought before the judge they asked can you see our genatals and the judge said no, so they said then how is it indesent exposure. The judge ruled that because a womans genatals are in the inside it is perfectly legal for them to walk around naked. Now I can't remember all the details but diffenitly look into it.

Bodies are meant to be shown, seen, and admired.

My girl friends daughters are nude or in panties at home. I think they are too young to know how they entice me. The oldest is 10. Should I say anything ?

you are nothing but trouble - the kind of trouble I would love to get myself into ;)

When I see something amazing like this I usually pitch a tent in my pants. Then I have to try to hide it. That rarely works.

I love it when i get a peek but when i get a lingering look .... hardness

what an idiot! he should have fingered you and i know you were willing! wish we had more sexy women like you around!

wonderful story!


You have an AWESOME out look on life and nudity. I too love being naked and wish I could just walk around enjoying the breeze.

Bare Hugs

I can't agree with you more, I know I would have sat there and enjoyed my lunch as well as the show and left a very happy man with a hard on. I do love to check out beautiful and sexy woman and my wife doesn't mind at all. She knows I'll be going home with her and she'll get to reap the rewards of how horny I am from checking the woman out, though I do look at younger woman I do prefer an older woman who I know is much more experienced in the bedroom.

Great Story....I bet she was pissed