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As Nature Intended

As you will see from my pictures here in EP I just love being naked and walking around the house with no clothes on. I feel restricted by clothes and free when I'm not wearing any. I often have peeping toms trying to sneak a look at me but I welcome that attention and keep the curtains open when I'm home alone.
teentemptress teentemptress 18-21, F 12 Responses Oct 14, 2012

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Heck I even cook in the nude.

wish you well you are a breath taking woman,men will look any chance they get.

Well those neighbors will not tell I can assure you that... as someone that had a naughty midnight naked neighbor... and rest assured anytime there is a naked girl on a window... there always be someone looking... just nature lol...


The freedom is wonderful.

simply wow!

If only those who tend to be prudes could follow your example, and love the feeling that being naked brings.

I am the same way but at my age anyone who peeps, deserves what they see lol.

Good for you. Going naked is just better than clothes. The more people see naked human bodies in everyday life the more they accept seeing naked bodies. There will be a tipping point where we can go naked anywhere without causing surprise. I hope you go naked everywhere that you won't be arrested.


Naked is normal, natural, and just more fun.

Bare Hugs

I totally agree walking around naked is awesome!

I feel the same way, hate wearing them and would love to live where I didnt have to

That's why I like to get away to places like Crete... nude beaches make being home totally pants (maybe pants is half the problem) ;-)

Nude is fine, clothes are like bondage, babe.