Since I always sleep naked, I just get up and do whatever I need to around the house without bothering to get dressed. After I've taken a shower, not having to put anything on helps my skin dry thoroughly and properly.

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Sounds like a fun and comfortable environment! Love to read more about you. Please add me.

Yes! I think nudity is both hygienic and healthy..Thank you

Once a week i am capable of doing this for a few hours.

Yet another good and practical reason to be nude!

Who lives at home with you? While I'm always nude in my bedroom I cover up when the fam is home. My wife and daughters are much more modest than I am so when working from home, I always wait to ***** until they are gone.

Agreed, being nude is much more freeing and reduces overhead in terms of laundry!

At home i usually only were a baggy oversized t-shirt and that it, unless i have guests that aren't into it.

I plan to go naked shortly when the rooms heat up, but it is just a bit chilly now. Its great in a warm climate when you can just get up and walk around naked. Although you need to be either in a very isolated area or a nudist place to be comfortable,

Wearing clothes at home is silly and useless. If you are going to be home all day why bother getting dressed and having more laundry to do. I wake, shower and go naked all day and love it. And, when it is hot in the summer I wear as little as possible when I have to dress to go shopping. A pair of short shorts, a bikini or tube top is fine by me and bare feet or cheap rubber flip flops.