Je Suis Nue!

I am naked. Even when I am clothed I am naked, why? There are men who have such imaginations that they look at a woman and try to visualise them naked. It's true, my friends Robert, Joan-Luis, and Pierre have debated the point recently!

They challenged us - Catherine, Maria, and me - to say we do not behave in a similar way! I couldn't answer because I really had to think about whether I had looked at someone like this but not kept the memory live because it really is an 'everyday activity' like they argued.

Naked is not something to be ashamed of. We are female and male, and everyone knows there are just women with breasts and vulvas, and men with penises, populating this planet. The differences within each sex is just one of size. Does size really matter? Haha!

Social conventions preclude our being able to walk among others naked, freely naked, for a variety of reasons. Fears, predominate theses reasons. Cover up because of the children, cover up because you might invite sexual activity, society depends on clothing. These aren't 'healthy' reasons!

Will we ever truly have the liberty to go to school, to work, to the synagogue or the church, as GOD made us, without all the 'egoism' of human social convention?
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I believe the human body is a work of art, and works of art deserve to be seen, shared, and enjoyed.

I've been a nudist my entire life, too bad it's not more acceptable.

I like how you put your opinions...truthful and to the point!