Watched From A Distance Pt2

For those of you who read my first story, there is actually a part 2 to the story. There was a second viewer from the same house that was much older. I was afraid it might have been the first girl's mother. After seeing her outside watching from a distance, I got a little more worried that the cops would be showing up soon. But as thrilling as it was with my heart racing, I continued not to notice and I put on a nice viewing as I applied my tanning oil. After a while, I got this ladies routine down. She came every Thursday to clean this house so every Thursday, I made a point to be out by the pool standing and cleaning the pool with the leaf pole. Every Thursday, this lady would take five minutes 3 or 4 times during her cleaning to stand outside and watch. After a few weeks without the cops showing up, I knew then she was enjoying the show. Since the girl that lived in the house friended me on facebook, I messaged her to ask if I had offended her cleaning lady. She replied that this was her nanny/grandmother and no, she was not offended at all rather impressed and wished she could watch longer. Lol. I decided then to make a point to notice her and wave. She smiled ear to ear. The next week, I waved again but walked to the front of the house to get closer to her. There I was engaged in a conversation with this older lady. Yes I was completely nude and rock hard. It was just small talk for about 10 minutes. I told her it was nice to meet her and to come and visit again. Guess what, the very next Thursday, right on schedule, the nanny shows up. This time, she came over and sat next to me on my outdoor doublewide lounge chair. We talked small talk awhile. I noticed she kept glancing at my very tan and oil covered ****. That was such a turn on for me that my **** stayed very hard. I finally asked the nanny how long had it been since she'd seen a man naked? She replied "seven years." I asked how long had it been since she'd been this close to a man? She replied again "seven years." As we talked, she could not keep her eyes off my ****. She commented on my tan and how nice I looked. She also commented on how slick I looked covered in my tanning oil. I thanked her and with a little fun, I grabbed her hand and ran it on my thigh to get her hand oily. She blushed and smiled. Keeping her hand in mine, I asked her how long had it been since she's touched a man? Again she replied "seven years." I could tell in her voice she was scared but full of desire. This lady is 22 years older than me. Very slim and still sexy. I began to sexily talk to her asking if she'd like to touch me? She was more quiet and nervous now. She didnt know what to say. She just kept her eyes focused on my long thick **** that was hard hard hard. Since I still had her hand in mine, I slowly slid it up my leg and onto my shaft. She wrapped her fingers timidly around my warm **** and I slowly let go to allow her the full pleasure. I told her to feel free to stroke it and enjoy it. So she did. I applied more oil on it and told her to make me ***. She was so excited. When I exploded, *** shot up to my chin. She laughted and wiped it off for me. She then thanked me for a wonderful experience and asked if she could come visit again. I said anytime. The next two weekends, like clockwork, she arrived to clean her granddaughers house but also made time to sit with me and visit while I tanned nude by the pool. Each time before she left, she would always pleasure me with a *******. The week after that, I asked if I could return the favor and give her a neck rub. She said she'd love that. I invited her into the house so I could get the nice smelling lotion and as I sat at the foot of the bed speading my legs, I asked her to sit on the bed between my legs. I began to apply the lotion on her neck but her blouse was in the way, I asked if I could unbutton it some to massage her neck better. She said yes. I reached around to unbutton her blouse making a point to caress her breasts. I could hear her breathing with excitement. I finally pulled her blouse off her shoulders exposing her some. After giving her a nice neck massage, I laid back on the bed to see how she would respond. Would she again give me a nice *******? Well, she turned around, took her blouse completely off and removed her bra as well and laid down with me...half laying on me. She rubbed my chest and then moved her hand down to my hard ****. After a few minutes of quietness, she went down on me taking my **** in her mouth. She sucked so perfectly. Here is this older woman going down on a guy 22 years yonger then her. It felt soooo good. I was moaning and running my finger through her hair. She sucked and sucked until I came shooting my hot *** into her mouth. Wow. It was so exciting. I gave her a naughty nanny. She has enjoyed her visits since then. Once i went down on her and made her ***. Shes a sweet sexy lady. She has already text me anxious for summer to get her so she can not only enjoy the view from a distance but again pleasure me again. We have become good friends. Now it would be nice this next summer when she comes, she would bring her sexy grandaughter with her. Im about 22 years older than her. Wow, what fun that could be.
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Definitely would be fun. Kind of a family affair! Great story. Thanks

please tell us more!