Naked House Work

It's a cloudy rainy day and I have some work to do around the house. When I'm home during the day I spend most of my time naked. I love days like this because the the lights are on and the shades are up so I can be easily seen from outside. I live on a cul-de-sac and most of my neighbor's are working but there is still the occasional passerby. It's just the thrill of being seen naked (especially by the ladies) that makes it so enjoyable. I've shared with two of my neighbor's one of which has returned the favor. In the warm weather I often do yard work in the nude. That's when I had my encounters with the neighbor ladies. My mail delivery lady has also seen me naked including about an hour ago. She is an average looking lady, no beauty but neither am I, but it's just being in the presence of a fully clothed woman that is a turn on. The fact that she seems to enjoy it makes it even better. Just thinking about her arrival was causing an erection to start. I made sure to be in the front rooms around the time I get my mail. It's about 50 feet to the mailbox at the street but a clear few into the brightly lit house. I got a bonus today. She came to the door with a registered letter! When I answered the door, her look of surprise turned to a little smile and the greeting "nice to see you again". I signed for the letter and we exchanged small talk about the weather for about 30 seconds. She turned to leave, took a glance at, by then, my full erection, saying " hope to see you again, soon". I stood in the door way until she got back in her truck and drove away. I wanted to make this encounter last as long as possible.
meandyou49 meandyou49
66-70, M
Feb 8, 2013