Just got back from a great stroll along the waterfront and not for the first time I was the only nudist on the beach. Now I know it's clothing optional but I do not understand why anyone would want to wear tight fitting tiny triangles of cloth over selected parts of their bodies or baggy shorts, both of which strike me as pretty uncomfortable when dry and absolutely horrendous when wet with sand caught in the crevices. Then for the life of me I do not understand those who choose to walk along the shore dressed in anything from shorts and tee shirts to jogging bottoms and sweat shirts!
To my mind naked is without doubt the best and most natural way to be and I don't care if some sado's do choose to stare like I'm the weirdo, I know who is more comfortable and appreciating life more.
beachboybob beachboybob
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wet swimming gear - comfy!!!

Indeed!! I believe the human body is a work of art, and works of art deserve to be seen, shared, and enjoyed.

I have also noticed a trend away from nudity at "optional" beache. Its sad. The sheep are so foolish.