I like being naked, and it all began with EP. Researching the benefits of going braless led me to EP and EP led me to getting naked. Let me explain.

As I read people's experiences being braless, I was led to reading people's experiences about being naked. It kind of got me turned on. I had already been on an adult only, clothing optional vacation and found it quite easy to get completely naked among other things in front of complete strangers. This summer my husband and son were away for two weeks and my daughter was at a friend's house for 2 days. I decided to experiment.

My husband and I have already skinny dipped at night in our in ground pool. Best feeling in the world. I decided to do it during the day. THAT was the best feeling in the world. Then laying out on my deck sun bathing in the nude. AHHH! Two days of that made me not want to put on a swimming suit again. Of course I was sharing my moments with my husband via pictures.

At night I was now sleeping completely naked. You have to get past those first few moments when the sheets are cold then it is ok. Two months of that and I can't stand wearing clothing under the sheets now. Making progress.

My husband is thrilled with the new "changes". I have to seize the opportunities to be naked when I can. (when the kids are not home). But sometimes I just want to be naked and to him it is all about sex. Sure, I enjoy sex very much. Sometimes I just want to be naked because it relaxes me. (Who'd have thought)

Overall the changes have been a very good thing for me - going braless and enjoying nakedness. I go back to a quote I found at the beginning of summer. "Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thoughts you change your life." I feel more confident about my body like to show it off - in and out of clothes.

The pool has become too cold to enjoy but I seize the moments I can to be naked around the house and not wearing a bra when I have to wear clothing. I am glad I found this site. It has given me the freedom to get these feelings out to non judgmental people. Stay tuned.
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EP has also encouraged me as now I realize how many others are enjoying the nude lifestyle too. i'm the only nudist in my family so i thought i was very different. so glad to know i'm not.

Please add me --- I find your experiences of being naked refreshing! I,too,am always naked at home as well as my partner. Hope you feel you can add me.
I tried writing on your white board, but it says you would not take notes from those not in your circle!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

I'm with you. I swim in my pool naked at night also. It is great feeling the cool water on my otherwise covered parts.

Mmmm very nice to hear
What do you do when someone knocks at the door ?

I've been a nudist my entire life, thanks to my parents, I still enjoy it as much as I can. Nude at home most of the time.

The weather is quite nice here for someone who doesn't wish to wear clothing.

Good for you! First, you are *you*. Be who *you* wish to be. Secondly, good on you for ditching that ugly piece of crap that was designed by a male who obviously didn't care about a woman's comfort or, for that matter, possibly her health. (I'm wondering about some studies which are suggesting there is a statistically significant correlation between some bra designs and breast cancer.)

You GO!

My story is very similar to yours. I had always enjoyed the feeling of being without clothes but until recently didn't have the chance or the inclination to do it that often. I must admit that it was a welcome relief to find so many others here that felt the same way, and little by little I started enjoying myself that way in and outdoors. I find being outdoors is the BEST, and I have never felt so close to nature as I have on some bare hikes. With kids mostly gone, semi-retirement with more time for myself, and a private deck and hot tub have all given me many more opportunities than I have ever had before. And I am LOVING it! Thanks for sharing your experiences here and I hope you have plenty more to share in the future.

I'm with you. Love to swim naked at night in our inground pool. Just can't get the wife to do it. I like your quote about changing thoughts.

I took to not wearing underwear during the warm summer months. It is no big deal since the shorts I wear are long enough to prevent and sightings. I find it is very refreshing and much cooler than normal. On warm summer nights I enjoy sitting out back in the buff. No one can see me so it is no big deal. You just have to pick and choose when you want to go for it.

you have experienced a great liberating feeling.Kudos to you.

I read thru your stories and think its great that you have embraced the naked life. And starting to not care what other think of it.
I discovered myself that the naturists/nudists are a less judgemental than other, and much easier to get comfortable with nakedness and bodyimage.
Continue to expand the boundaries of nudity, and keep telling about it.

Me to want to chat

Welcome to the club, I've been a nudist a long time, enjoy.

EP is a tremendous support group; it's where I go to find people like me. I never thought to investigate something foreign to me here, and then change. Your story is a real eye-opener. I hope that some of my stories influenced you along the way.

Being naked is the best. It is so hard to put clothes back on after enjoying the sun and breeze on your body. I don't know how anyone can enjoy wearing a cold wet swimsuit after relaxing naked in the pool

I'm happy to hear you've opened those doors to happiness and have started to live life the way that brings you such pleasure. But you can't blame your hubby for getting turned on and so horny seeing your naked SMOKIN HOT BODY, you know how us guys are and how the lower head always seem to get the better of us and you should be very flattered that he lust after you the way he does as I know many couples who hardly even touch each other any more. :-)

I am well aware and very appreciative to have a husband that is still VERY interested after 20 years of marriage and 2 kids. Honestly, I keep myself in shape because it makes me feel good and to keep him interested. I like turning heads. So I am not really complaining.

And as a guy I'd like to thank you for keeping yourself in great shape and giving us such a beautiful view and something to share with other guys. I do love bragging about seeing hotties such as you and have even snap a pic here and there to see their reaction. :-)

Good for you. Naked is just better. And it doesn't hurt when you get seen naked, in fact its feels good to have someone seeing our real self. Carpe Diem!

Being nude fills me with a relaxed excitement. I AM relaxed because it feels so natural, but excited because I AM so happy with how wonderful it feels.

I think this is wonderful and I am glad you now have the courage to be true to yourself and enjoy the freedoms of being natural, the way we where intended to be. Have fun and enjoy :)