How I Like Being Naked Got Started For Me

Quite by accident, I was naked when a lady neighbor friend came to the door. Over 2 hours before I said it was ok to come in and then forgot about her as I was doing laundry, etc. and still had not gotten dressed except for a t-shirt. She was surprised but she was really cool about it, and I did not get an erection and stayed pretty much in control. The experience lasted about half hour and i enjoyed the experience so much I didn't bother to excuse myself to get dressed and she seemed in no hurry to leave after bringing back what she borrowed. We have become close friends but I can;t make the experience happen again, but i am sure it will someday. There is another neighbor i would love to have this happen with, but I am afraid to make it happen, it just needs to be random. But i think she also would be cool about it too.

Anyhow, now I go naked around the house every chance I get, but i do object to having children see me this way so I don;t do this when I know or think they could be around.

thanks for listening, and again it started accidently but now is a way of life....[

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Ditto to what nudeinva said! Plus, if you are comfortable doing so, you can ask your adult friends if they would be comfortable seeing you naked!

Enjoy your nudity as much as possible!