Not a Nudist But...

I love being able to walk around naked whenever it's possible, it just feels natural and free and somewhat sexy too. And being naked with my lover is sexier than sex itself, it's like being who you are without anything to hide, it's being free. I used to have what we call naked weekends with my girl-friends, but that was so long ago. It's nice to be naked all day, and do casual daily activities things in the nude with the opposite of sex.
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4 Responses Nov 3, 2007

Walking around nude is the best, you have to try a nudist resort

Guess what! You ARE a nudist. You just won't own up to it yet. But in your heart, you already know it...You confessed it in your own words. Welcome to the world of nudism!

Well, perhaps, I think, because despite how much I try to be casual and natural about it, being naked always makes me think about sex. And despite how I tried to have a casual naked-day with a girl-friend we always end up having sex. Being naked is still somewhat sexual. So friends told me I'm not a real nudist, or naturist, they say that I just like being naked...

So, tell me again how you're NOT a nudist?