Can't Be Naked At Work, But....

As much as I would love to be allowed to be nude at work, there just will never be a chance.  But, I recently have found that I can work naked and interact with my coworkers while completely naked too.  I have recently been allowed to do some work from home and my dress code here is much more casual than at the office.  The only suits allowed are birthday suits.  But when I am home,  I have to take part in conference calls.  I love it!  Talking to my boss and coworkers while nude!  It's great.  Of course, they have no idea.  But it's enjoyable for me to be completely natural on one end of the line, knowing everyone else is wearing suits and ties... and of course those uncomfortable shoes.  I love those days.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

That's fun! I do the same thing quite often. They have no idea how comfortable I am and how much fun I am having!<br />
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If you ever the get the chance to work late or stop in on a weekend when you are the only one there, you could get your big chance to be naked at the office. Even if it is only for a few minutes and you don't settle down and work that way, it is great fun. Just know in advance where the security cameras are (if any) and how people can enter and try to learn the after-hours pattern. Walking naked farther from entrances gives you a chance to cover up or duck into a restroom quickly if you hear anyone approaching. If you do it, be sure to tell us about in the "have gotten nude a work group" here on EP!<br />
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To hotwilly's comment --- I am usually horny, but it varies. If the call is very detailed and my part is important I may even get soft while fully concentrating on the subject at hand. Other times the subject in my hand is just as important. Sometimes when someone is being a real jerk in a conference call, it amuses me to know that while he is being totally serious and is all business that he has no idea I am sitting there with my feet up on the desk, naked from head to toe, stroking my ****, rock hard, and playing with my nipples! It makes me remember who is happier!<br />
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Stay naked and have fun!<br />
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Sounds like fun!