I Wish Everyone Could Live Naked Every Day

I love the feeling of being naked. If I lived on my own I'd be naked all the time. I can't even walk around my room naked out of fear of my brother or someone else barging in leaving me embarrassed. I think if everyone was naked everyday then people would feel more comfortable with their bodies because they'd see it's common. I, too, am a victim of being self conscious over my body because all the fat I consume goes to my butt and thighs and I don't even consume much junk/fatty foods. Still, if I could go naked a day without having everyone stare at me in shock, I'd run and skip and dance freely about. And oh, I could tan in the sun without getting tan lines!!! : ]

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If you want to go naked in you room do it. If your brother barges in then so what he's your brother so don't be embarrassed. Everyone has a naked body so don't be ashamed of your
If he sees you he sees you so what your his sister. In fact that might be the key to you coming out of your room nude.
Its up to you.

Really not a big deal. My family were not nudist but one day my sister I guess forgot her underwear or something after shower and I was walking to my room, she opened the bathroom door and walked from the bathroom to her room nude. After that whenever she took a shower she would walk naked to her bedroom. I was about 14 and she was 16 the first time I saw her nude outside the dr's office. Then one day I decided if she could do it then so could I. Our mother saw her one time and asked her what she was doing and she replied that it was easier to just stay nude until she got to her bedroom and got her clothes. My mother asked her about me seeing her nude and she said that we have both seen each other nude before so it is no big deal especially as we are brother/sister. I guess my mother thought about it and couldn't think of an argument so she didn't say anything. I think my mother was more shocked about seeing me but she didn't say anything. From other friends I have that have sisters, they have all seen each other nude and they say the same thing ...no big deal it is my sister. Your biggest obstacle may be your parents and you may need to break them in slowly. Try doing what my sister did and walk nude from the bathroom to the bedroom. After they see you do it a couple of times it will be no big deal. If they say something just say you forgot your clothes?<br />
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Good Luck and Enjoy :0)

I say your room is your room and you should have the right to be naked in there ifyou want. If anybody in your family doesn't like it they can learn to knock before coming in. That is the way it is in my house anyway. As long as you live with family it may be necessary to be dressed in the rest of the house out of respect for their feelings but in the privacy of your own room what you wear is up to you.

Sorry I dont go that way.

http://empirehaven.homestead.com/<br />
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Check out this place if you ever make it to New York. It's in the upstate NY area, not the city...maybe for your next holiday/vacation.

Yeah....I'll think about that one. lol

There is nothing wrong with big thighs or big anything else. I think females just like to be carefree. To be naked in a wooded area without worrying about who could see.

I will echo the earlier comments about being self-conscious. One thing which you learn quickly at a nude resort or a nude beach is that almost no one is physically perfect. I suggest you try it some time. I know of very few peopl who have found going nude to be a bad experience.

that is true. never thought about that way.

Towards your second post where you talked about the world and what would happen to sex if the world was naked - I think it would work out just fine. There's been plenty of cultures that existed almost entirely nude - from ancient greece, to ancient egypt, to modern asian and african cultures, and if anything, their populations bloomed more then anyone else's. I really do think that once we get beyond nudity, we could turn our attention to the person beneath the skin like you said and get to know them. <br />
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Also, you should have no self conscious to worry about. You'd look great ;P

thank you

Just learn to ignore any stares or comments, and you will feel much better about being naked whenever you want. It can take a while, but it can be done.

Thank you guys! : ]

Being a semi self-conscious person myself (as is my wife also), being a nudist has made a big difference in my life (and hers). You have stated this quite well and I applaud you.

I like the way you think. If we were not so hung up on fashion and body appearance, the world would realize that we are all the same underneath.

lol thank you for that. it really makes me wanna get naked right now and just laze here. haha you know what, im gonna :P

lol well thank you. I don't know, part of me doesn't really care what other people think but then there's another part of me that does. I suppose it depends on the day. I will learn to gain confidence in my appearance over time.

I understand what you're saying. I'm not interested in nakedness by the sexual aspect either, more of the freedom and naturalness. But, we live in a world of mean, quick to judge, criticizing individuals pinpointing out everyone elses imperfections to feel as though they don't have any. I'm frightened by the invisible post it notes that'll be clearly tagged to my every flaw beneath these individuals' gaze. <br />
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But something else, what would happen to sex? If the world was naked, I mean. The bare body would be no secret to any and isn't that an appealing part of sex? - revealing more skin of the one you desire. Their body wouldn't be a surprise. You know what I'm saying? But then, maybe sex would be more about love. Becoming used to body shapes and sizes may allow those to see past these aspects to the souls inside. I don't really know. I can't see the world being naked anyway...There'd be great debate.

lol. Thank you NR, it is me in my pic. But no, I will not post naked pictures of myself on the internet. I think it would be cool to go to one of those nudist places and give 'er a try one day. Is there actually a place like that? Like, a nude village or something? lol. I don't know.<br />
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And Chris, that is true, I should be able to be naked in my room without my family barging in. But that's not how it is here and really, I wouldn't want to see my family naked so I don't think they'd want to either. lol.

I usually feel more comfortable with my body being naked than with clothes. I feel like clothes have to fit and look a certain way, and if they don't it makes me very self conscious. No tan lines would definitely be an added bonus!

Honestly - your embarassment and your body issues will always ruin your nudy experience. Look at all the women in the stores and such - and realize that virtually every one of them is deeply adored by their man ... no matter what their body shape.