Naked In The Woods.

I do love being naked. Feels so good and sexy. It all started when i was very young, like old enough to walk. I lived in a quiet area in the woods(still there now) and my family used to let me run around naked outside, and i just played and jumped around and rolled around in the mud and got covered LOL. when i was 10 or 11 I started taking walks into a secluded part of my woods to find a nice sunny spot, then ***** down and just chill out in the warm spring air completly naked. It just feels so natural and is a turnon to me. it really gets me going. I've even got naked infront of male friends (they did it too, and no I'm not gay, i was 8 years old) around a campire in the woods on my property when i was 9 years old. I always hang out naked in my room, i sleep naked, and usually I'm naked when i'm on EP, unless im wearing my undies for some other dirty reason i wont get into.  This year i hope to find a nude beach somewhere in Ma, if there is any, and spend a day there just basking in the sun and walking around butt naked. The funny thing is....I'm typing this clothed.:/  Yea, I have to go out and see my friend soon. Nothing against my good friend but I want to be nakey.

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Been to Sandy Hook and Fire Island several times. Live in Sweden now. Always naked in and around my own pool ans sauna.

The best nude beach close to Mass is probably Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Unless you want to venture out to Fire Island off Long Island, NY.<br />
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I think you'll like it. Do a Google search and read all about it.

Me too!