I Have a Hot Bod.

i like being naked. it feels natural, and some what dirty... haha. when i live alone there will deffinatly be some activities done naked! i have always wanted to cook naked, but isnt it a wee bit dangerous?
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I am a proud black wife and mom and most of all a real nudist. I do everything in the nude; cooking, eating, playing games, playing the piano, cleaning, swimming, sunbathing, shower, and have sex in the nude.

I have cooked bacon but it is a lot more comfortable with apron. besides it feels good with you backside hanging out.

You might want to use an apron

I like being nude too...it is natural!

Eat mainly raw fruit, salads and vegetables...then there is no need to cook. And raw food will make you healthier, your skin will clear-up etc etc.

"... do not add water to hot grease or oil." I was having a naked day at home and my wife suggested one of the stir fry dishes I make. Stir frying requires adding batches of little pieces of food, usually a bit damp, to very hot oil. I thought about it and put on an apron.

I have cooked naked many times, and I have sat down to eat it as well. There is a little risk, but I have never been seriously hurt or burned. Also....I noticed that you said "..and somewhat dirty". It does feel "naughty" and a bit "dirty" to someone who is not used to being naked out of the ordinary very often. It is a very sensual experience and feels wonderful....but as you become more experienced, it will become as natural and normal a feeling as anything you have been used to. Its kind of like falling in love. The first new experiences of it are exciting, but with time it settles into a secure warm feeling like having a close old friend.

No, cooking nude is not an issue. Just do not add water to hot grease or oil. I have been cooking nude for twenty years, even bacon, and had no problems. I am a bit of a food snob too, which means hours to prep a meal. And never a problem. I say go for it. <br />
<br />
I will warn you however, if you have large pendulous breasts, keep them out of the sauce on the front burner.