Why Wear Anything?

The only reason I wear clothes at home is because of family. And one member in particular is a pain in the rear end and never leaves the freaking house. In the rare occasion that this DOES happen, my clothes come off right when I know it's safe. Sometimes I want to just walk around in my birthday suit anyway just because it's where I live and I should be at liberty to wear or not wear whatever I want. Bothersome siblings and clothes have got to go lol.
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5 Responses Dec 3, 2012

you should just ignore them and be naked

im always walking around in my panties and bra and my older bro always complains but hey thats his problem lol, and he has caught me naked several times when he come home from work early lol

Now thats a gd idea, or just do it anytime n if caught say u thought your were home alone

Best way to sleep

That sounds just like the way things have always been for me! Sneak your nude time whenever you can!

we are home nudist raise daughtes to be same

I believe from something else I read this other person may be a younger brother. Problem is, back when I was a kid, eventually we all ended up in the showers at school, so seeing other guys naked, or being seen naked, was just part of life. So if one brother "caught" another naked, it was no big deal. But you don't have that luxury. But... here's something to consider, but I would not recommend it unless you are pretty sure how your brother will react...

If you go to my profile, you'll see my story about how my older brother (by two years) "introduced" me to the concept of home nudity. No, it wasn't my choice, but it worked! So... if you think you have enough "control" over your little brother (and/or you're confident he won't run to mommy or daddy), maybe you should just force the issue. Let him "catch" you naked, say, in your room. Just tell him, "HEY - this is MY room and if I wanna be comfortable, i will be." Let him get used to seeing you naked at home when it's just the two of you.

Eventually, if you think it's advisable, you can either invite him to join you, or force him. Either way, if he's not likely to "squeal" then it'll all be OK. I was very uncomfortable at first, when my brother forced me to ***** and go naked whenever our parents were out. But, in the long run, I got to really like it and that's how I live now, pretty much!

Just a thought...

You will need to start going naked and ignoring the clothing compulsive person. He/she will perhaps complain about you and naked, but you can come back that his/her clothing compulsion is sick. Just do it a little at first, and don't' be cowed by an objection. Being seen naked does not hurt. Other family members may join you once the ice is broken.