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This older guy used to let me use his pool. Anyway he went away for the week on business and gave me a key to his house. I was in high school, I went out to lay at the pool nude of course. I was in gymnastics and a cheer leader so was in great shape, I was laying down and heard a noise and this guy (college age) was standing there staring at me. I said hi, he said I am so sorry but who are you? I said no problem I am tina who are you. He said his uncle owned the house and he was checking on it. I showed him my key and he said oh ok, i'll leave you alone and i am sorry for sneaking up on you. I said no please stay and sit down. He was freaked out and started telling me how fantastic i looked nude. I blushed and said oh thank you so much. I asked him if he wanted to join me, he said ok. So he ******** down and turns out he was ripped and was in gymnastics too and boy did he have a nice body, damnnnn. I told him that his physique was incredible and he was what a man should look like !!!! He laughed and said that he works out a lot. I got in the pool with him and we eventually were drawn together like magnets, i wanted to touch this guy so bad. He hugged me and I could feel his stuff rubbing up against me and it was ON !!! I felt him alright, again and again and again and again !!!! He was so hot. After we got out of the pool I stood there staring at him, he stared at me. I told him that i had never seen such a great body and he was sorta still hard and he made a greek statue look like goofy ! I kneeled down and held his *** and sucked on him and he went wild and said I was the best thing that his mind, eyes and body ever felt and this turned me on a lot. He was so flattering and generous and had the most healthy appreciation for a girl. He laid me down on a towel and proceeded to give me something so special that i lost my mind over and over, wow. He knew what girls wanted without saying a thing !!!!! My friend came over and was standing there staring at us and watched me come about four times. We finally noticed her and she said can I join you guys and laughed. She said it was the hottest scene she had ever dreamed of and was such a beautiful thing to watch. She was standing behind him and could see him laying there with his legs apart and she told me later that she had to ask. I asked her if she had ever seen such a guy and she said hell no, damn. She sat with us and asked if we were an item and i said not at all. She said good, then started feeling him and then he did her, it was so nice. All three of us played volleyball nude and it was so much fun to watch, i always wondered what happened and if it hurt a guy when he jumped up and down, it doesn't but is nice to watch.
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Why do you think he invites me over?? The guy that has this pool is kinda loaded. He takes business trips and lets me use his house. When he comes back he says aren't you going to go swimming?? I say yes and go ***** down swim and lay in the sun, he stares and compliments me on my physique. Older guys love young girls that stay in shape. He rubs suntan lotion on me and its so hot. Then he lays me down on my towel and puts a leg on each shoulder and literally makes me scream repeatedly. Then I lay there exhausted and he lays down beside me and smiles while I massage his balls.

i got this same guy to come over last weekend and he has been working with weights so his muscles are bigger and he is ripped. I got him undressed and he stood in front of me and i just stared at him for a long time, what a beautiful guy. I got on my knees in front of him held his balls hanging down and wondered if i could bring this magnificent guy so strong down to the floor. I pulled on his balls and took one in each hand (my hands are small and his balls are too big to put them both in one hand) I slowly squeezed and finally his belly muscles quivered and he was trying to show me how strong he was to stay up. I squeezed a little harder and his knees began to buckle. He got a worried look on his face and i squeezed harder and dug my fingernails into the meat of each ball. He started bending and went down to his knees then started to curl up. I made him straighten out by squeezing and threatening to do it harder, he had to. His face was showing the pain and I sucked him off while squeezing his balls. I told him that i was going to make him come by force. He wiggled around and finally it blasted out and i had to spit it out or gag. I rubbed his balls for a long time and rubbed his lower tummy (muscles), he said it felt better. His balls relaxed again, they get so tight when he gets close that they try to go up inside him, I have to pull them down so I can play with them. One time both went inside him and I rubbed his groin and could feel them through his abdomin wall, he loved it as I sucked on him. When he was ready to come i put my fingers up the opening inside and pushed each one real hard to see if It hurt him while they were up there, it did and i also wanted to see how far i could push them inside him. After he came i pushed on his belly to make them come back into the bag where they were so vulnerable !! ha ha.

What a great story, I would love to have seen that. Please add me, thanks.

I was 16 and my older brothers moved out. My step brother came home and i did not know it. I was laying out on the back porch getting some sun. I turned my head around and saw him standing there smiling at me. He was behind me and i just smiled back. He came out and told me that my body had gotten a "lot" better over the last two years. I said thanks, he saw me naked when i was about 13. So he sat down on the edge of the towel next to me and we talked a while. He rubbed my back and worked down my to my lower back and told me that it looked great. Then he started rubbing my *** and around my sides to my boobs. I told him the other side was better I think. I rolled over and he said wow you have grown. I had felt him when i was younger in the shower and so i felt him up while he felt me. He felt great. I talked him into undressing too and he was super hard, ha ha. He got some sun with me. He is such a cool guy.

great story

Some guys have all the luck. Girls and your friend. Sounds like a great day.