Nude Kayaking Is The Best

I have been into boating for a long time—clunky big aluminum boats in the 1970s that are good to fish out of, canoes, and for the past several years—kayaking. I currently live in an urban area in Western Ohio, where there are lots of streams and lakes available, many of them in scenic, densely wooded areas. The 12’ long “sit-on-top” kayak is my weapon of choice.

I have also been intrigued by nudity—my own and seeing others nude. I discovered gradually long ago that I love being naked while indoors, but especially outdoors. However, living in a politically conservative, densely populated area, you have to be careful in how you “express yourself” naked outdoors.

So a couple years ago I put these concepts kayaking and nude together. I would sometimes paddle (clothed) up to a remote spot on a lake or stream, str1p naked, take in some rays, and enjoy the calming oneness with nature. I have sought locations for paddling that don’t have many people around. But even in heavily populated areas, it is surprising how easy it is to paddle into places where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of being utterly alone. Why spoil the setting with clothes!?

Lately I have become increasingly more bold/active in simply heading out on the water naked. The sun, the breeze, the warm splashes feel so good on your pen1s and balls and all over. I love the feeling of my naked butt on the kayak seat and my tanning muscular legs planted on the footrests. In the upper Midwest we have days when it’s 90+ degrees with high humidity--a sweaty miserable mess when you in your business clothes driving around town, but feels great paddling bare on the open water!

On larger lakes I realized, if there aren’t too many boats out, you can paddle nude and have a pair of shorts to pull on if it looks like someone is coming any closer than 100 yards. If I see a boat coming near or people on the bank, I will frequently just drape the shorts across my lap so it looks like I am wearing them. Much easier than actually trying to pull them back on! And much easier to get rid of them again when the people pass! It is a secret dream of mine to be out boating nude and encounter some other nude boaters to share the experience with, or to paddle into a little cove somewhere and discover a secret skinnydipping spot where I can hang out with some other naked people for a while.

I always try to have the thinnest, skimpiest shorts on when I have to be clothed. My favorites are thin nylon material running shorts with a big slit up each side. Even when I have to be clothed I feel close to naked in these!

When I’m out on a lake or stream, I try to pull out of the water here and there, and walk around and explore nude for a few minutes. (Watching for mosquitoes – much worse on land than over the water!) Sometimes the rush of being naked in the warm sun causes my ba11s to tingle and I feel my d1ck start to stiffen. I sometimes have my digital camera along and set it to take naughty pictures of myself.

Everyone should try kayaking naked!
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I do it all the time

The Med is the place for you. Plenty of boating nudes there; no need to cover up when encountering other boats regardless of what the crew is wearing.

I just bought a kayak last week, and I happen to be a nudist!<br />
<br />
This being my first trip, I did not go nude. I need to become familiar with the waterways first.<br />
<br />

Yup. Just yesterday, after a long day at work I headed up to a local lake and explored an area I hadn't been before. After a short paddle found some nice sunny places to pull out and sunbathe then paddled around for ~2 hours nude. Perfect weather, great scenery. There were a few boats and people around but they weren't close enough to see me.