A Beautiful Day

I was fishing 5 miles from shore and alone in my boat fishing. It was a hot day so I decided to take off my clothes and try fishing naked. It felt so good, the sun on my body and the gentle breeze across my bare skin. I kept an eye out for other boaters and authority but nothing came my way.  Then, the fish started biting and one after another. I was pulling them in and bating my hooks and all this time in the buff.  Then one of my fishing poles was bent over and tight line. At first I thought it was a snag gut when pulled back on the rod I felt the tug of a big fish.  I had to stand to fight the fish standing up because it was a big one! Then, I noticed my other rod was tugging and twitching, it was another monster fish at the end of the line. Both fishing poles were in my hands and using every bit of my skill at fighting these lurkers.  The fight ensued and I lost track of time and my watchful eye for other boaters. At one point I had to hold one of the fishing rods between my legs, I am sure it looked rather strange from a rear view of my bare buns and a rod sticking out from behind. Just then something distracted my attention, I turned my head, and it was another boater approaching me. I started to sit down but it was too late! He was along side of my boat and close in for a better look. First he looked at my crotch and then we made eye contact and he looked straight ahead proceeded. There was another person in his boat and I am sure she got a good look. They must have had seen me from a distance turning, bending over, jumping about with my package in full display. The last I saw of them was a glimpse of their boat from behind and me standing there naked for all to see. More time passed and I finally hoisted in two Channel Cat fish one 28 inches and the other 29+. A sail boats passed close enough to see me but didn’t care anymore I felt good about my body for all to see. Other than my wife on one has seen so much of me, it was a good thing I shaved for the trip. I spent the rest of the day at peace and naked. The last thing I did was stand on the upper deck of the boat gazing out into the beautiful blue lake with the gentle breeze across my entire body.
bobcramer65 bobcramer65
Jul 19, 2010