Nude Living

I love to be nude when ever it is possible. I have done things like cross country ski in the nude, driving nude, hiking nude, nude beach, I have even mowed the lawn nude and washed the outside windows nude. I have since moved to town and can't do some of those things. But I am nude most of the time at home now.
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1 Response Nov 2, 2010

"Live naked" certainly describes my goal as well. <br />
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On the rare occasions when it seems routine or less exciting, I stop and remind myself that nude living was a just a bizarre fantasy when I was small and sneaking my pajamas off when my parents were asleep and snoring upstairs from me. It seems like it would be awesome just be naked for a full hour. I had this idea that someday I would have a place of my own and would frequently get naked whenever I felt like it, not knowing that anyone anywhere else felt the same. And I really thought it would incredible to be fully nude outside but couldn't imagine a time or place where such a radical thing could ever occur. <br />
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Now I live naked almost always at home, and have nude friends, and go to beaches, and sneak my clothes off while driving or in the woods, or at work late at night, etc. <br />
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Keep up the good work, and keep your clothes off!<br />
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