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Naked Hiking

I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail in northwest New Jersey on a hot summer day. I started out in just my hiking boots and a pair of gym shorts with nothing underneath. When I got far enough away from the road I took the shorts off and enjoyed hiking nude. For a while I put the shorts on when I saw anyone approaching, but finally I stuffed them in my backpack. I came around a turn and came face to face with a through-hiker. He grinned and said "Hey, you have the right idea! It's f***ing hot today." I said, "Yeah, last I heard it was 99 degrees." With my confidence raised, I continued hiking nude and even had an erection for part of the time. It felt great.
nochemise nochemise 26-30, M 6 Responses May 4, 2011

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Great story; thanks for sharing. I love naked hiking as well. Like you, I may start with shorts on, until I find out whether I'll run into any kids, then take the shorts off and continue.

Hot story. I remember seeing a real stud on that trail who was clearly not birdwatching.

I have hiked &/or backpacked on the Long Trail and others in the New England states. Usually just shortly after starting in off road I would shed my clothes. At first I would pull shorts on if walking a ridge where skiing was done as it was open and some even ran tows in summer but after a while I realized I saw few people and if someone off in distance saw me so what. Once in a while I would run into another hiker but never had a negative reaction and a few times though did have action, but that is another story.

Such a hot experience!!

Right on. Great exhibitionism you have there.

I'm surprised the hiker didn't join you.

Unfortunately he was going the other way.