First Time This Year


After talking to some friends on here, and getting all worked up if you know what i mean. mostly thanks to a very special someone and her friends. I decided to go take a walk outside naked of course. It's unseasonably warm at night right now. perfect timing I'm thinking . so I walk to the front porch ******** my clothing off t-shirt, gym shorts no underwear. opened the door and was outside in a flash. I carefully stepped down the steps and was in the yard. in what direction should i go i thought towards the road or thru the yard. stood there for a few min. my member getting a little excited. anyway I started walking no hurry just a casual pace. The air though a little chilly felt refreshing on my naked body as I cruised the yard. I managed to make out some rabbits in the yard. strangely enough they were not frightened off as i passed within a few yards of them go figure (one wears clothes outside animals run away go naked and they could care less). now about 20 or so min has passed and I'm still in a very much relaxed state enjoining what some call an air bath. I hear a few cars go up and down the road. I have to wonder did they see? who knows. I just kept walking for another 20 min or so and then decided to go back in. so I got back to the porch grabbed my clothes thinking should I put them back on . I decided no I'm going to turn in anyway after I finish writing this story. All I can say it was exhilarating to be outside naked again. probably won't be the last either. Unfortunately I could not get any pictures. oh well. may be next time. Thanks for reading.
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May 13, 2012