Outdoor Nudity

I love outdoor nudity but enjoyed it very late. I was traveling with my ex husband. It was very pleasant, cool breeze and long drive. We started off in the evening. Joking, smiling, listening to music and recalling our adventures. Traffic was scanty. I put off my panties and sat spreading legs. It was excellent. My ex started admiring my sexy body. We also started narrating fantasies and some of our nude experiences. I told him that I always fantasized to drive totally nude. My ex encouraged my to experience then and there. With a thrill I took off my shirt and bra. Now I was totally nude, without thinking if highway police intercepted us, what would happen. However I expressed my fear to my ex but he said that as and when we see any police car approaching, i would immediately cover my body with shirt, not to put on but just to spread over upper part of body.
Luckily no body noticed us as it was dark. I asked my ex to take off his clothes too. he was ready. We were both naked, petting and messaging each other, his right hand was rubbing my c**t, and I was teasing his erect c**k. My fantasy of outdoor nudity came true but it turned us very hot and horny. My c**t was wet, wanting more and more; his throbbing rod was desiring some action. I started su****g his pe***. He tried to control steering wheel. Fearing an accident, he parked at a lonely place and then we enjoyed sex in the car. Two dreams were materialized: driving in nude and having outdoor sex. It was really fantastic. xylolita, 28 years.
xylolita xylolita
26-30, F
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come dr

Not clear if u liked or not? My purpose is to share experiences with friends. To be nude and enjoying sex is a natural instinct. I wonder most of the people do not come up openly. They practice it, and simultaneously pose themselves to be innocent and very decent. Come up as u r. We can learn a lot from each others' experiences. My ex never objected to open discussion with revealed body. In fact he was the one who introduced me to EP, though I started writing late. xylolita