The Great Outdoors

My favorite place is of course my own yard. I live way out in the country on a few hundred acres of forested land. All my neighbors know I'm going to be naked on my property and either tolerate me or else don't come around. The greatest thrill of all is, of course when I go to a state or national park. I get the most remote campsite I can find and stay naked as much as I can. I've had trips where I've spent as many as five days without a stitch on, hiking in the meadows and forests, splashing through the streams. The rangers never seem to mind much, and those rare occasions I do meet someone I just say a friendly hello and keep walking.

hadakarei hadakarei
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8 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I have experienced nude living, along with my husband, in his farm house. The first time we stayed there for two days only, totally nude. Once, we spent our vacations (ten days). Not an inch of cloth touched our bodies. We also invited our nudie friends, two couples. We all stayed totally nude all the time. What a great pleasure and fun. Rozinapark

Five days without a stitch on! You've got me beat. But I have camped naked, and have some pictures on my site. You're invited to check them (me) out!

You are the kind of wildlife I always hope to see when I'm out hiking! Wife and I have camped late in the season and we were able to choose a section where we were all alone. We sat around the evening campfire naked. Not 5 days like you but It was great fun.

Hiking in the woods nude alone is great. In some respects, meeting someone else while you are nude is also great.

I have never had the experience of running into someone else nude on a hiking trail. Would be a rush to do it the first time.

Sounds like a fun, relaxing experience!

Wow! That really sounds like something! I think I might die of embarrassment if I ran into someone hiking in the nude! Altho, now that I think of it, I haven't died when people have found me in even more compromising positions!

Sounds idyllic! Being free outside, or inside, is so freeing and wonderful!