All Sorts Of Places To Be Nude

I love to be nude outdoors, and when summer is around I always make some time at least once a week to get naked and get outside.  I have found remote spots just of my town where I can lay naked on a riverbank and not be bothered, even skinny dip for a while with no problems.  I came across a forested public area that apparently isn't too public since whenever I go I am always the only one there.  I can hike nude in the sunshine for several miles and splash in the river.  I have always kind of wanted to be seen by someone just to know what the general population's reaction would be to someone enjoying some social non-sexual nudity.  Who hasn't been skinny dipping at least once?  And if you haven't, make it this years resolution.  There is no better feeling that stripping off your clothes and feeling the sun warm every part of your body.  And who likes tan lines anyway?

leakeyrodent leakeyrodent
31-35, M
Feb 24, 2010