Closet Caught Unclothed

I'm an only child brought up as a military brat, living all over the world. Europe influenced me the most with its relaxed attitude toward n.u.d.i.ty. I had been a closet NU, (n.u.d.i.s.t, n.u.d.e, or NA for n.a.k.e.d) since I was 12. Sleeping NU or staying in my room out of eye shot of my parents. When my dad would deploy or go on maneuvers for extended periods of time, and it was just mom and me, I was able to loosen up and wear less, but not completely NA. When I was 14 I experimented with going pantiless and braless. Braless was easy, since I was a late bloomer. The panties, or the lack of, took some getting used to, but I did.
When I turned 16 my dad had served his 20+ years and was ready to retire. They found a house for them, presuming I would be leaving for college in a couple years. He retired, we moved in to an old fixer up ranch house in the south east coast. Not impressive but with lots of room for remodeling and lots of undeveloped land.
After a month of moving in and getting situated, they decided to go on a second honeymoon, leaving me at home. I was as excited as they were. They stocked the frig for me, and they were off, leaving me to my devises.
Once they were gone I almost immediately went NA. It felt so good to be without clothes. Working on my no tan line tan. Roaming the house and the land, especially the land NU was refreshing, exhilarating, and a little naughty. I loved it.
Loosing track of time, I didn’t realize how soon my parents were coming home. Working on my tan when I heard the back slide door open. There stood my parents, while I lay there on a lawn chair NU to the world. I was embarrassed grabbed my towel and ran to my room.
Later that evening sitting in the living room, my parents, to my surprise always knew I was a closet NU. It was O.K for me to come out of that closet, just not deliberately in front of dad. In short they accepted me the way I was.
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Nice that your parents accepted your nudism. My mother never accepted mine, but my dad did.

Yeah really lucky. Neither of my parents have to this day. They still think it's shameful.

Do they know you are a nudist and are ashamed of you or is it they think that way of nudists in general and therefore you have not told them?

Mostly ashamed of me. They blame it on my husband for the most part though.

How did they find out? I never told my mother or father. I was just nude a lot more around him.

My husband thought it was preventing me from being really comfortable being nude in the home he provides for our family and just in general the guilt was just interfering. He was right. Telling them didn't help my relationship with my parents but it did help our marriage.

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Great story, my wife and I caught our daughter like that and began to enjoy some family nudity. Now that she has moved out, we still are comfortable being nude together when she visits.


Nice story, so nice you get to enjoy nudism. I grew up in a clothing opp family so nudity was never an issue. I've been a nudist all of my life and enjoy it as much as I can. I hope you do too.

Kudos to you. Lucky that you have such understanding parents.