Why Not!?

sometimes when i'm just feeling happy maybe even hyper...i'll go try and start an conversation with a random person...and i love living in the moment when it feels right just because i know it wouldn't be right for me to let that moment pass me by and leave me to wish i had done something while i had that moment...and while i'm wishing..i could be wasting another good moment to live for...i think it's great to live in the moment because it might not come agian but if it does you get a chance to experience it another way whether it's the same as the last time or even better..you get to enjoy yourself and at least learn something maybe or both maybe. sometimes being outgoing is the thing that opens your eyes..it can show you taking the chance while you have it can teach you something for instance that you have to try sometimes..sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's easy


i remember when i was a kid it didn't matter then you were just always outgoing and living for the moment...playing with any random kid and you still had fun...and playing outside with the dog was fun or even just hanging out with your neighbor friends[[ya i am an only child]] or just whatever...

but the best part about being outgoing and living for the moment is it doesn't matter what happened because in the end you'll have memories to remember and think about and even if it turned out bad you can tell yourself i gave it a try instead of holding back and hiding in the shadows and never knowing what could have happpened and i didn't make myself have to think about what would have if i did..because i know what happened because i did...and the next time i get a chance to i can't try doing it a different way and living and the moment and being outgoing helps you to learn that things really aren't as far away as they seem.


being outgoing and living for the moment are positive things about me that i can see in myself...

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You sounds like a very interesting person. Power to you.