The Only Way to Be Happy Is to Be Sad First

sometimes i like to be sad. that's when i feel the most connected to myself. I feel like i know myself better when i sit down turn on audioslave "like a stone" or beck "lost cause" and think about things. sometimes i go overboard and get really sad, but after i become more motivated than ever to do things, i love sad songs they make you really think and feel these emotions that must be felt. if all you felt was good emotions there would be no clear distinction between the two and happiness would no longer be happiness, what is there to look forward to if you don't have sadness.

maniachick maniachick
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I strongly agree with u, I am sad now and i know that most of my problems will be solved after i get out of my sadness, because after I cry I feel stronger

Sadness is what I thrive on. I only like sad music and sad things. I see the world tinged with sadness, but it makes me feel alive. I think that sadness isn't necessarily a negative emotion it's just an emotion. I find happiness and sadness similar in my mind.

thanks for the support, IDK why it's weird, but it does work for me soo...