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How to be perfect......

Perfection.....that's all what we want.

But some people keep on saying that nobody is perfect and no one can be perfect.

But for me all of us can be perfect....perfect in our own way.

I consider myself as perfect because of my imperfections. Acceptance of the things that you don't have, working hard for the things that you want to have, and making up or substituting the things that you really cannot have ....are the keys to perfection.

It will always depends on you if want to achieve perfection............

JohnStaceyLee JohnStaceyLee 18-21, M 3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

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we are perfect in our own different way.......

i'm perfect ^^
**** dem haters.........

The thing about perfection is that it is flawed. Once you have achieved it, you have nothing left to work for. That is not good. It leads to boredom and dissatisfaction, which is not perfect. See? I also see your point. *Your imperfections are what make you perfect*, but to me, they make you interesting, but not perfect.

but the truth still lies that nobody can achieve that perfection..i mean, that's the standard perception..

reasons of close-minded person....

its not being close i said it's the standard thinking..but, yes! looking on the other side, perfection usually reflects on our work we do..