I suppose you could say I like being spanked to tears. However, I believe the more accurate thing to say would be I like the release that a tearful spanking gives me. When my emotions build up to more than I can handle, flux out of my control or weigh me down being able to put down the load and stop obsessing is a great relief. Being spanked to tears is one of the ways I get there. When I cry, be it from a spanking or just emotional overload (more destructive and time consuming than a spanking) I feel renewed; I am more centered, refreshed and feel stronger. After a good cry I am better able to take on the world and win. So, considering these things yes, I guess I really do like being spanked to tears. I know when I don't cry the spanking can just increase my frustration and bad mood.
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When was your last spanking?

I receive maintenance spankings twice a week...four pops with the strop seems to help me.

This pretty much sums up how I feel as well. It's not that I like being spanked to tears, just the results

I totally understand. Tears brings quite a relief from stress as well as letting things go which you have done.
I have spanked for many years and have seen it time and time again. So I must say it works and works well. Crying is hard for some but obtainable through emotions and the actual good spanking. I have had teachers, and many nurses who's pressures have built up that they need relief from these feeling which make the feel much better. Some have even told me that at work,some even asked what happened (on the good side).
I am in Columbus Ohio.

It sounds like these experiences were rewarding for everyone involved. I'm glad. Thanks for commenting too:-)

most of the submissive women i have talked, they told me same thing, they all like to be spanked to tears. I am still carving mine

Carving? Maybe craving? If craving is what you meant then I hope you get yours and feel good afterwards:-) Have you tried asking for a spanking?

i haven't got the serious one yet, I have been spanked twice by Tiger, and it was more like fun spanking.

Good Girl spankings can be lots of fun and for me I find they can still help adjust my attitude, if things haven't gotten too bad. Hopefully you are able to avoid a punishment spanking for a good long while, those are nasty and no fun at all:-(

agreed, but they are necessary, and as a submissive woman I also do like to be spanked to tears. lol

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I feel exactly the same way even though I am male and married. It's such a relief when I hear those words "get over my knee." I'm usually close to tears at that point anyway. I hate to argue and fight. I also hate the spanking. She uses a hairbrush on my bare bottom and even though I'm sure it doesn't take long it seems like it never will. Between the scolding and the fire in my bottom it's so easy to cry until I'm a catatonic, breath catching mess. I don't feel like an adult but rather a child who is past feeling humiliated because I cry and because I still need and get spanked. The part I love follows, the love and affection of my mother and feeling good about myself again.

Thank you for sharing that, as you explain it so well. I believe in the value of a "stress spanking" at times. As well as for discipline. Hugs

I often think a stress spanking would help me. I get agitated and a spanking has a very calming effect on me. It is not that I am acting out, it is just that I feel I am on overload and need that release.

I understand though I can't cry when I am spanked, exen if it's really painful. But maybe I wish I could cry.

I wish I could be brought to tears from spanking

How insightful. I find many women need spanking or whipping. My wife and I discovered if she was not regularly whipped she would come and pick fights with me until we were standing screaming at each other. She knew exactly which buttons to hit and which sequence to hit them in.<br />
<br />
After we discovered this pattern, there was one day when she showed up in my office door stark naked holding my whip and sheepishly said, "I am feeling a little grumpy." LOL<br />
<br />
I knew from experience that we could have a 2 hour fight or a 20 minute whipping followed by some great sex and a nap. I immediately decided a tonsil massage with whip was the preferred course for the day.

I'm glad you two discovered your pattern and found a better way to handle grumpiness and other icky feeling;-) Like you two, we prefer closeness and harmony to fighting and scorched bridges.

In the most severe spanking I have experienced, my mistress got me to count the strokes. It was a severe punishment and that helped me get through it - but it stopped me from crying - I would have preferred the release of tears. I cried a lot years ago when I was in therapy and it helped wash away the pain I had been carrying since early childhood.

I know how you feel about the counting, it is distracting and tends to detract from the lesson being taught. If I can't focus on my actions and the repercussions of them it's harder to remember why I was spanked later on.

I'm glad that your therapy and tears helped you, not everyone is so lucky. May you have many days of joy and peace:-)

did you address this with your mistress so that next time you are due for a punishment spanking you are able to get the release you are looking for?