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I know many of you have mentioned feeling this but it's confusing me somewhat. When im told Im getting a spanking I shudder for a second then I'm almost excited about it and get very disappointed if for whatever reason it's delayed or I don't get it as promised. Should I really be looking forward to it so much? Could it mean it can't be a real punnishment for that reason? However the moment the first strike hits I'm willing it to be over my head is screaming I don't want up do this anymore! Then I go through the whole process again next time. Is this normal for TIH women or am I just a sadist?
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I am exactly the same, I am very upset when I don't get a promised punishment. My husband says I am way too into it. We have a list of rules but he ignores me breaking them all the time, which drives me nuts. Then for a week he will be super strict and I will have a marked up rear and spanked every day. I never know but I do know we get along and are closer when he is in punishment mode. Somehow I feel more loved and the sex is great.

I have never had my husband forget...If he tells me I am going to be spanked, its right then. If he is at work and something comes up, he calls and tells me. I am to be prepared and waiting when he walks in the door. The belt is to be placed on the counter and I had better be waiting in my position. I have had him place me in position and then wait an hour or so that he was calmer before disciplining me. Just waiting that small amount of time made me anxious, I cant imagine waiting several days......

I don't know but I feel exactly the same way so it seems we must be all wired the same :o)

My husband never forgets it, but he has at times dragged it out, which is the part that drives me crazy. I know deep inside, that he already has made up his mind what he wants to do with me. He will tell me what will happen,but then he tantalizes me with mind-games by coming up with something different every day that maybe more humiliating and/or painful. He may do this for several days before he will spank me.

I am in the same boat....

When I'm told I'm going to get a spanking, at first I am excited, then I feel bad because I disappointed Him and I'm being punished.

If He forgets about my punishment or changes His mind, but doesn't tell me I feel a mix of emotions sad, confused, disappointed, and sometimes a small amount of relief.

If it is rescheduled for later it is almost worse. I would much rather get a punishment over with than have to wait.