Spanking For Therapy

I have spanked long before the expression Spanking Therapy was being used. Women only I am for Therapists and med but some women need help beyond that. Spanking isn't for all women as therapy.

I have helped women even after going to therapists and talking to them, and answering questions. I use spanking as a tool to get through the emotional calluses. Attitude (which effects everything), over spending, stress, procrastination, anxiety, guilt and more has been helped through spanking sessions with mentoring.

Yes, spanking can be discipline/punishment toward something which you have done. The spanking can build memories of what you did and to not do it again or you will need another spanking. This is to teach you about accountability and even procrastination. This spanking can also help you release you bad feelings of what you did and make you feel much better about yourself. Changing one's attitude is at the route of many problems and spanking can help with adjustments to the attitude.

I also give Therapy style spankings which are a little different. These are focused upon Stress, anxiety, and motivation.This style of spanking is not focused upon punishment but to help one feel a release for different feelings. Crying helps  a lot to relieve these feelings. Talking about them and being spanked to help does an excellent job.

I have seen women change before my eyes from before a spanking to after a spanking. There are a lot of  reasons that build stress but one must find the inner self to "let go" and toss them aside as spanking and crying helps with this. Perhaps you will feel loved, safe, and cared for because someone like me cares and as time goes by caring grows to be a deep and non-sexual relationship.

Mentoring and talking help is important to help feeling better about yourself - my goal. Everything is strictly non-sexual but focused.

I give two kinds/emphasis  of spankings:
Discipline spankings
Therapy spankings

I am in Columbus Ohio and only Host. May I help you.


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I like the idea that spanking is not just about dominance or punishment although some people really do enjoy that game and good luck to them if they do. There are other kinds too such as 'Good Girl' spankings and 'Maintenance' spankings. I suppose it would not be possible to make a list of all the different kinds there are. Each to their own. Happy howling (if that's your thing).