Spring Is Here!

I can't get the stupid song out of my head!


I love the flower girl,
Oh, I don´t know just why.
She simply caught my eye.
I love the flower girl,
She seemed so sweet and kind.
She crept into my mind.

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8 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Well, so men like to 'think', anyway.<br />
<br />
Waiting for an encore from you first, Floydian. :)

Ok I am up for the story, I will create a group for you too dude, now anyone else?

Yes, well I'll wait for the "I want you to write an ironic 15 word sentence" category for that.

Ok, I think I've just received inspiration for some more 50 word erotica. lol

Well I guess that's why so many of we EPettes are always so happy to see your...face, as it were.

By the way, Speechless, is that a weapon your avatar is sportin', or are you just happy to see us....?

Oh Floyd darlin, does the true origin matter when so many entertaining alternatives "spring" right to mind? ;)

Forget the story, explain the group name please?