A Day At The Beach

It was late morning and it was shaping up to be a very hot sunny day so I decided to go to the beach. The beach was busy but after a quick scan I soon spotted a space. I made my way over and set down my towel.

I had been at the beach a while and was feeling totally relaxed. There is something about the sun, the sounds of the ocean and the cooling fresh air that just makes me feel at peace.
The beach can be a sexy place too though and in the time I had been sitting there facing out to sea two very sexy women had walked slowly into my field of vision and slowly walked out again, practically naked.
I was starting to feel a little bit too excited and decided to lay back, turn onto my front and breathe deeply.

Whilst laying on my front I saw a woman sitting behind me, looked to be 5 or 10 years older than me but she looked great. She wasn't too near to me but she wasn't too far away either.
She was also wearing shades so I couldn't see her eyes but I had an overwhelming sense that we had just locked eyes.

I smiled instinctively and glanced away and when I looked back she had laid back and rolled onto her side. As she turn though, I did notice a very small but very telling grin. It was a very subtle grin and it only lasted for a few seconds after the moment I had spotted it but it was definitely there.
My mind was already racing about a woman I didn't know, a grin that could mean anything and an encounter that could be oblivious to her. This was wierd but I was excited.
She wore a light white summery skirt, ,just above knee length. Her legs were in great shape, they glistened in the sun and stretched in front of her. The way she was now laying meant that had a view also of the backs of her legs.
Because she had stretched her legs to lay down and then had turned onto her side her skirt had risen up slightly. The material now draped over her mid-thigh exposing more sexy leg. Her calf's and upper legs also glistened in the sun and had great definition, 'I wonder how they feel' I thought to myself and it was at this point where I had to nudge myself because I was just blatantly staring at this sexy womans legs.

I couldn't stop myself from constantly glancing back though, I tried to be subtle but I doubt I was. It was a good thing that I was already laying on my front because the light material of my shorts would not have concealed what was rapidly growing there.

Whilst watching her, I quickly noticed that there was a slight breeze, it was lapping at the hem of her skirt, playfully gusting inside inflating the light material. These random gusts gave me a perfect view of the rest of her legs and her panties.
Unfortunately it did not happening very often and added to the fact that I couldn't stare at her constantly meant that I only got this remarkable view a few times.

It wasn't very long before she put her hand on her skirt and clamped it to her legs. I instantly thought ' i'm busted ' at that point and looked away.
I casually glanced back to try to not look guilty and I notice she is holding the hem and is playfully 'sub-consciously' wagging it and pulling it. Her sexy white lace panties and lovely full firm butt are now on constant show.
I can't help at this moment to wonder if she is aware of my lustful eyes and is now deliberately treating me or teasing me (either way is good) but how can I be sure.
This continues for what seems like hours, caught in a surreal reality. In truth it was probably 20-25 mins.
She then sits up as suddenly as she had laid down. In my mind there is a cry of sadness at the loss but my conscious mind is reminding me how lucky I am for that display so be grateful, which I am.
I continue laying there with my adrenalin pumping and a massive throbbing hidden hard-on. This woman, this sexy lady has just given me a show i'll never forget even if she never knew what she was doing!

As I am laying there feeling super horny and trying to shift my body position in desperation to stimulate what is hidden and aches underneath, I noticed that she has pulled something from her bag followed by a large towel. She actually unfolds and holds up what she has fetched and it is a pair of bright white cotton panties!

She then lays the towel over her lap but doesn't unfold it completely. Her hands reach down to her sides and she tugs and slides off her panties! I can still see her knee's and shins and from the darkness I see her panties. She doesn't really waste any time pulling them down her calf's and lifting her feet slightly, scrunching them up and putting them in her bag. She then picks up the other panties and hooking each side over her heels she slides the fresh cotton ones up her sexy sun soaked legs and shifting her body slightly as she pulls them on. It is all over in under a min and I don't actually get to see much but just witnessing the event is very erotic.
As she packs the towel back into her bag along with those lace panties I remember laying there wondering if they were still warm and longing to touch them.

Shortly after that she gathered her things and walked off. She never removed her glasses once so I can never be sure if she was looking at me the whole time or whether she ever noticed me at all . I like to think she knew exactly what was going on and treated me to a show.

Do you think she knew?
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Yea she knew but its a shame you werent obvious when you thought she saw you you never know what could of happened