Love Being Throat ****** There Is Nothing Like It!

With my head dangling off the edge of the bed, my **** hard as rocks and my legs spread open I can feel the juices flowing as I wait with anticipation to him shoving his hard **** in my mouth.

I just recently learned this position and rarely do anything else because we both are so excited to play in this way.

I have to say if there are any ladies out there who have not tried it you are missing out. And men you need to encourage your woman to do it.

There is nothing more open then to be spread naked on a bed with everything out there to be played with as you enjoy his rock hard **** in your mouth. I can take him all the way in and lick the edge of his balls. It is so amazing!

lookingforamystery lookingforamystery
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Oh,I love it too & I love hearing you describe it so explicitly, dirty minds kink alike,I like how you encourage others to try it,I love to 69 as well,so it's the perfect position,your head off the edge of the bed,tonguing rock hard throbbing **** & balls swollen w/*** as I'd finger **** your *****,plunge my tongue in,darting in & out of your juicy holes,licking,sucking on your ****,so nice & wet to slip & slide deep inside.. ;~P

I agree it is an excellent position. I have also found with a thin pillow over the edge of a dining room table, and going sideways with a foam pillow under you low back, so your guests may enjoy thrusting into your nether regions. Helps to push you back in place for the throat thruster.

I'm a married , straight guy, but I'm also an insatiable ********** and I wholeheartedly agree!! I absolutely LOVE being throat ******!! Especially by a very big ****! The bigger, the better. I don't have a gag reflex and I love the wonderfully erotic sensation of having my throat completely stuffed full with ****! I'm unable to breathe while It's blocking my throat but I like to swallow when it's all the way down in order to massage his **** with my throat muscles to make him ***. If I run out of air, I'll come up to take a breath and then go down again and I'll keep repeating it until he unloads in my throat or in my mouth so I can taste his ***. I love the taste of *** and I love swallowing it. I love being a **********

I love a woman who offers her throat in that manner! Sooo sexy.

I'm a bi male who has been faitfhully married to my wonderful wife for 25 years and had many satisfying girlfriends before that. However, my all time favorite sexual experiences involved me deep-throating either in the position described by Lookingforamistery or on the bottom in 69. Sometimes I think it's too bad that the only thing I like about males is their ***** and balls because I would certainly be sexually content being deep-throat face ****** a couple of times a day for the rest of my life, especially with the climax being held balls deep.

I am a master at oral sex. (self professed) The largest man I ever had was 11 inches. It takes a lot of practice and desire to be able to do it, but when you realize you can indeed do it, it's AWESOME. Especially wonderful is the ***********! <br />
Head hanging over the edge of the bed is a perfect position for this. Another of my favorites is having my hands bound behind my back and tied to my ankles (you'll need to be sort of flexible for this. Yoga helps me). Once bound this way, lay on your belly and have your man raise your head and hold it while he bangs away in your throat. It's wonderful!

WOW what a story. I had never tried that position back in the day when I was lucky enough to get a blow job. I wish I had know about this position. Thanks for sharing.

Speaking from the guys point of view I agree w/you 100000000% And to see a woman all spread like that as you feed her every inch she can take is incredable!!!!!! Although not many women can take it all, but gagging if not forced or abused can be erotic and exciting for both!!! Yuor man is very lucky!!! And the angle open your throat so every woman can take more than usual... but for some of us even thats not enough room. heheheheh!