I'm Sure Someday This Will Happen.

I decided that it was time to turn one of my fantasies into realality. This particular one has my wife taking control and using a strap-on on me while I was tied down. I had purchased a couple of smaller ****** and a couple of larger ones to be used. Since this was something that I had fantasized about and truely wanted to try for a long time I decided to make the most of it.
The big night started with my wife taking me over to the table she had set-up in the room and forced me to bend over. That is when the reality started to set in as she began tieing my arms and legs to the table's leg. My mind was racing we were really going to do this and she was in complete control.Which would be made obvious just a little later on.

She started by teasing me having me suck her first ***** while she adjusted the straps so that it fit just right. She is telling me that since I want to try something dirty like this she was going to make sure it was going to be a night i'd never forget. As she talks it dawns on me just how much in control she really was and slaps my *** with a belt she had hidden under the table. I start to move my hips trying to escape but quickly find I am bound to tight to move. About this time she walks around behind me inspecting her handy work. I let out a slight moan as she runs her hand across my burning bottom. She walks back around and begins to enlighten me as to just what she has planned for me. As she whips my *** she asks me if I like it. When I don't answer her she strikes a little harder and asks again. This time I say, "Yes," but I guess that wasn't the right response since she whips me again and asks me to think very carefully about what I said next. "Yes mistress." She tells me that was better and then to make her point she lightly caresses my hard **** and balls with her hand. This elicits another moan from me as my **** is now as hard as a rock.

Now things take a whole new direction as she pulls out a blindfold and ties it around my head making sure I could not see. She starts moving around making me wonder just what she is doing.When she stopped moving I could hear a quite little snap and started to feel something dripping into my butt crack. That is when I realized that she was lubing up my ***. It's cold but it feels good. Then I could feel her finger starting to softly probe my puckered *******. Then she pushes it in, a little at a time. My breath catches in my chest with the feeling of being penetrated by her finger for the first time. I moaned and when I did she shoved another finger into me causing a big moan to escape. That is when she asked me if I was enjoying it. Still lost in feelings I made the mistake of saying yes. Big mistake on my part as she pulled her fingers out and grabbed the belt up. That is when I realized just what I had done but it was to late down came that belt with a heavy smack across my ***. And again she asked if I was enjoying it this time I remembered YES Mistress. Then she steps around in front of me and pulls the blindfold up just enough to show me the next object that will be occupying my ***, it's the smallest ***** now in place in her harness. I can see her lube it up. I watch as she strokes the ***** like it was her own ****, smearing lube on it so she can easily enter my tight ***. I can see her reach up and once again cover my eyes with the blindfold and I can feel the heat of her body getting close to me. Then I feel her hands guiding that lubed ***** down to my tight little ***. Again she asks if I'm ready, but this time doesn't wait for a answer as she presses her hard ***** into my ***. I can feel my tight *** stretching to accept it and only feel a little pain as my hole gets used to being penetrated. She slowly begins to move back and forth as she penetrating my *** a little deeper with every push until I have the whole thing in me. I start to really enjoy the sensation of being ****** in the *** by my wife and start to move in time with her thrust. She is also really enjoying ******* me and tells me just how dirty and nasty she plans the rest of the evening to get.

Now she continued ******* me for what seemed like an eternity but was really only an hour or so. Stopping only long enough to change ****** out.When she asks me if I want a **** to suck right now and I tell her yes. I can envision a hard **** right in front of me and mouth wrapped around it while she is behind me ******* my tight *** with her *****. After a couple of seconds I can feel something soft being rubbed across my lips, I open my mouth and to my surprize I find my mouth filled with a nice sized hard ****. But that is another story that I will save for another time.
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oh my good that was a very hot story I think I need to send this to my wife or have her find it some how. wow I can picture that happening to me