Scarf Bondage Lover

 I love being bound and gagged with silk scarves. I have a wonderful wife who shares my fantasies. We occassionally switch roles but most of the time i'm the one who gets tied. She is very creative and   does a good job. I hardly ever escape and usually stay tiedup until she releases me.

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Do you have any thoughts or suggestions of what might bring healing here ? I really need help if so, please share this with your wife and let me know any input you two have ! THANKS SOOOO MUCH !

Story is below...

When I was a child somewhere around 12 years old or so I remember this one great daay when my cousin was over at our house for a day or two. I was very young, (but I being a male and she being an attractive female closer to 18 years old) however I was attracted to her always in a way that felt even then to have a physical root. Anyways, on that fateful day we were palying around and though I cannot remember much about the game I just remember that when I lost or didnt have the right answer she would get on top of me as I was on my back and "tickle torture" me. Holy **** was that the moment of truth regarding my experience of what it meant to be aroused and excited sexually because it felt so unbelievably good to be restrained by her and tickled uncontrollably. Throughout my life, having had very few lovers, due to my "very picky/selective NEVER to reduce my standards" nature, I have only just recently opened up to a woman for the first time about my desires to be tied up and tickled/teased and made Love to because she asked me if I had seen any sexual experiences in a movie etc. that I thought I would enjoy experiencing myself- along the lines of ,"What were my fantasies" ? I told her only that Id seen a movie where a woman tied up a mans hands to the bedposts and had her way with him. To my serious frustration, it seems she only wanted to know this so she could use it to shame and or to hurt me when shes in her angery mode which unfortunately is almost all the time. She made me wait months before (after I asked if she might try it) since I told her and am was in great anticipation of how it will be, before she tried it a very little bit. She hurried it as she always does and was not into the fact that I was enjoying it I thinlk because she does not talk about what she would like cuz shes too busy protecting herself and her physical body and hiding her beauty in her tomboyish clothes/wearing no makeup, never dressing up or lingerie etc. I had bought us a handmade longhair mohair tube scarf in the hopes she would enjoy using on me to tickle me and that shed admit to liking it herself so we could both drop our guards a bit more and humble each other and ourselves. TOTAL bummer is that she said it made her "all itchy and scratchy" and gave her a rash supposedly. Well I never got the treatment that I desire but I do honor that being in total surrender to each other is not easy especially for the woman of a previously damaging relationship which left its deep scars. Shes done it only for a for a couple minutes a couple of times since then and Ive now become very frustrated and actually angry at her for asking yet not caring enough to want to give me that precise experience that I so badly crave - every day all day long. Now I see that it is the acty of total surrender that one can allow themselves to be unconditionally loved and feel worthy of that Love cuz they're being pampered with VIP treatment which must mean shes Happy and satisfied with your performance sexually, wanting to make sure she does her part in the relationship.

TO BE FRANK, IM BECOMING UNNATTRACTED TO HER NOW CUZ SHES USED THAT DESIRE AGAINST ME CALLING ME SICK AND DISGUSTING AND TELLING ME TO GO "F*** myself with my "Fuzz". SO IM IN PHOENIX,AZ AND NEED AN ATTRACTIVE FEMALE FOR ME TO OPEN TOTALLY TO AND BE THE ONE WHOM OPENLY AND HONESTLY WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND HAS NEVERDONE IS ALSO TO BE THE INSTAGATOR OR DOMINANT EVER IN 7 YEARS. THATS WHAT MY X WAS LIKE, NO DOM, NO SPONATANAIETY, NONO EXCITEMENT FOR IT OR OPTION TO MAKE IT FUN/SATISFYING TO ME. Every day I hope and pray that my woman has a change of heart and really does me up with excitement, sexual passion like a hurrican and desire to prolong the experience and make it as awesome as it possibly can be for me. Every time Ive asked (and its more embarrasing and damaging each time since I get shamed for having this desire) she becomes more ugly about it and avoids me more aggressively in the sexual realm (which I had thought I had a shot at achieving some sexual healing in( due to her initial seeming of openess of communication and non-judgemental attitude towards it) and its now to the point where shes deeply damaged me and I'm not sure if I can bear continuing our relationship cuz I see her as having only wanted to know my fantasies so she could have power over me in the denial of performing them for me.

What a nightmare its become that I cannot have comfort in total surrender to her nor thus does she feel as if she is ok to open up to me, so instaed shes closing down protecting herself from judgement or shame from me that Ive never put upon her nor remotely threatened to do so. Sacred shared by a lover in this realm must NEVER BE USED TO HURT THAT PERSON cuz it ONLY turns into unforgiveness and deep resentment causing inevitable damage to the Heart and Spirit of the victim of the attack.

Needless to say, I SEEK NOW A WOMAN WHO SHARES MY TOTAL SURRENDER / TICKLING / MOHAIR BONDAGE FETISH FOR THE REASONS WELL EXPLAINED IN THE STORIES ABOVE !! You must be all woman, attractive, into sexuality without judgement and desiring and willing and excited to please !!!!! I in turn will be and am then WAY MOTIVATED TO GIVE YOU THE TOTAL SATISFACTION THAT YOU WANT HOW YOU MAY WANT IT WITHOUT PUTTING YOU DOWN FOR HAVING THAT DESIRE !!!!

Lucky Guy Wish I could experience that

lucky u

We do the same thing but like pebr we are fond of wool scarves, rope, and, of course, a nice gag.

you lucky chap!