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Sans Soutien-gorge.

The first time I went topless on the beach I was fifteen. It was during late July 2008. It was a beautiful summer, wen do get beautiful summers here in the Languedoc-Roussillon. I was at the beach at Canet Plage with all my school friends, Guilhem, Jean-Pierre, Marc, Luc, Paul, Alexis, Solange, Marie-Josee and Philippa.

I took off my bikini bra with all the guys looking at me, enjoying me. It was a very liberating experience for me, and the guys all seemed eager I did it. I spent the rest of the day, the week we went there topless on the beach. I even sat with them at the little beachside cafe we found fun, topless.

Since then I have always been topless on the beach, and if we go for walks in the wilds I can also go topless.
Anuledroan Anuledroan 18-21, F 8 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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I admire you lots an lots! There should be more of us. I grown up nude with all my friends around me so their use to me buh when I was 12 I started goin topless on beaches in Portugal when we were on hols, my mum, my friend keiran an his family an now we go to studland an morfa dufryn in uk an zavial, beliche and sometimes tavira in Portugal. By 14 I was like confident enough to take my knickers or bikini bottoms off too so since then I always go nude on the beach an we go for forest walks too an it feel so free an amazing so yeah its really nice! <3

Nice! Simply really nice brave girl! I wish there were more teenage girls so brave like you are!

can u add me

Well done - but why not all the time?

I'm you enjoyed the experience. Have you ever considered total nudity? Just a thought.

Good for you. Did any of the other girls join you as the week progressed?

Love the French.............