In recent months, I've started going outside at night without my top on.  There's a freedom to sitting out on the porch or in the backyard, with my breasts free to the night air.  This sounds like no big deal but I live on a busy street.  A neighbor could look out a window or a passing car could see me.  I've also driven in my car with my shirt open, breasts hanging out while driving downtown.  Not sure if anyone has noticed, but it is surely a turn-on.  While road cycling, I've unzipped my jersey and allowed my breasts to hang free while riding down country roads.  I'm not sure why I'm doing this... I'm a very respectale woman, more attention perhaps?  I just get a rush having my nipples out in the open where anyone can see. 

MinnieS MinnieS
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Know what u mean. Check out my experience

please your inner voice, do not mind external world.

You keep em out. You are a sexy woman.

Bravo to you Minnie! I have walked naked down my street at night (no street lights), I drive naked as often as possible during the summer, and occassionaly, I'll even work in my garden naked. It's sort of isolated by fence and trees, but if a neighbor stood in the right place, he'd be able to see me. I see it's been a few years since you posted this, so I hope you see my note. Are you still trying naked activities?

I wish I could see you or be with someone like you.

I drive naked quite often, I drive to a nudist resort about 20 miles from my house, I used to wear a pair of shorts, I don't bother any more, I sit on a towel as my car has leather seats and use the other end of the towel to cover myself if someone gets too nosey, I think most of the time people are oblivious and don't pay much attention.<br />
One time a young woman in a 4wd truck passed me on the right honked at me and gave me a thumbs up.

Good for you MinnieS, especially driving with them hanging out and cycling.